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  1. there is my save. that is also happened there https://easyupload.io/u2v6ph
  2. hello freddie, how are you? i open a new save and it worked good for me , but there are still people that say the bug is still there what are the reason that could be? maybe a new update that they are download? i got a message from a guy told me that it happened after he gave numbers to 2 players he sighed there are the photos
  3. i upload a save named maccabi haifa to the cloud this is the save that i have the numbers problam and the numbers were other in the game for example godswey- was 23 but i give him 11
  4. keep me update so i can send it to the people at the israeli group
  5. hello there is a problem with the squad numbers the game ask you before every game to do it again for all of the players and it can't be auto
  6. Disable First Transfer Window for me it's still not working it's on and i have a save with brantford look at the date .. in the beginning of the save it was good D
  7. i saw a video in the release show that in the VAR it will be also with the incident himself on split screen.. to see what the ref see.. am i right? didn't saw it in the game ..
  8. hello everybody i would like to do a funtasy league in the finnish league. to put 14 great teams in the league and play online with my friends. how do i do it and how do i cancel the champions league and the europa league ?
  9. hey, i would like to ask about something that really annoys. when you score a goal in fm 17, that was a show of how many goals your player scored in the season so far. in this game is only after panelteis . now it show who assisted the goal. do you know how do i changed it?
  10. bacuse we want to do playoff in order to make more geams. if it impossible so we will do something else
  11. hey ! there is any chance that you will tell me how to split the gold league to two after 14 games for exemple? we made a huge tournament from this league in Israel !
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