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  1. i saw a video in the release show that in the VAR it will be also with the incident himself on split screen.. to see what the ref see.. am i right? didn't saw it in the game ..
  2. hello everybody i would like to do a funtasy league in the finnish league. to put 14 great teams in the league and play online with my friends. how do i do it and how do i cancel the champions league and the europa league ?
  3. hey, i would like to ask about something that really annoys. when you score a goal in fm 17, that was a show of how many goals your player scored in the season so far. in this game is only after panelteis . now it show who assisted the goal. do you know how do i changed it?
  4. bacuse we want to do playoff in order to make more geams. if it impossible so we will do something else
  5. hey ! there is any chance that you will tell me how to split the gold league to two after 14 games for exemple? we made a huge tournament from this league in Israel !
  6. hey, we have a small problem lately about the next issue: we are playing 12 man's game and in some point of the game two of the players playing vs others are stack and cannot play until we force them to take a holiday. it's happening in the middle of the game. what is the problem?
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