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  1. I'm confused, it says P108 but it's 105 points on the screenshot
  2. Any screenshots with the goals scored from the players ? The 107 and 108 look amazing but i need to see if the striker scores a lot with those ^^
  3. Wich 20.2.4 tactic would be best to not get destroyed when i go VS City, MU, Chelsea (as a new promoted team)
  4. THANKS !! Finally something different than all the 442s (i know its not your fault and its the best tactic to beat ME this year)
  5. Agreed, i'm also looking for a good 4231 / 4312 / 433 (3 Midfielders 2 wingers 1 striker) , pretty bored of 442 formations
  6. Are these any good defensively ? Compared to your other 343 ?
  7. Would you suggest a Counter mentality instead of "Offensive" for the 4231 if i'm using an underdog in Serie A ? I'm scared to go to Juventus stadium or San siro with Sassuolo with "Offensive" mentality lol Will it change the tactic drastically ?
  8. What's your best underdog tactic right now Knap ? I play with Parma in Italian Serie B (If possible not a 3 striker formation, as i did all my transfers for a 4231 formation, that doesn't work really well unfortunately in the end)
  9. Hi, i won Serie A first season with Sassuolo with this tactic, offensive moves were beautiful
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