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  1. Are these any good defensively ? Compared to your other 343 ?
  2. Would you suggest a Counter mentality instead of "Offensive" for the 4231 if i'm using an underdog in Serie A ? I'm scared to go to Juventus stadium or San siro with Sassuolo with "Offensive" mentality lol Will it change the tactic drastically ?
  3. What's your best underdog tactic right now Knap ? I play with Parma in Italian Serie B (If possible not a 3 striker formation, as i did all my transfers for a 4231 formation, that doesn't work really well unfortunately in the end)
  4. Hi, i won Serie A first season with Sassuolo with this tactic, offensive moves were beautiful
  5. Thanks mate, i will play with both for a season to test it out wich one is the most solid defensively. Wich one of "The Wall 4141" and "White Europe away 451" offers the best result in your opinion ?
  6. Have you ever done a really defensive based tactic ? I really don't enjoy the 3 strikers formations and 130 goals a year formations as they are not realistic to me. I'm a Juventus fan and i would really like to play a formation wich break records defensively, like your team is known as a fortress.
  7. So like i said earlier, i plugged the tacitc mid season with no chemistery and players not adapted to the roles, and i destroyed Napoli Milan and going on a 7 games winning streak as Sassuolo Really good offensive moves
  8. I like this one, changes from all the 3 strikers formations this year, will try it with sassuolo
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