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  1. I have the same problem, and yet I have a good computer (Intel core i7-9750@2.6GhZ, 16gb ram, Nvidia RTX 2060, drivers ok). Problem that I had not had last year under FM20. I notice during my tests that the latency / freeze time decreases when I put less files. I think this is from the game as it didn't happen last year and it does with all files regardless of the content creator. Please solve it as soon as possible, I cannot launch my career as I want, in the meantime I stay on the fm20
  2. This skin was amazing. I hope it will be picked up for FM21 and if the author can't do it I hope he will allow someone to update it for fm21
  3. Hello, I think it would be a good idea for a game like Football Manager, wanting to be realistic, to have political influence in order to change the rules of football competitions during the game, over time. There are already changes for example concerning the European Union (new European countries can join). It would also be interesting to do the same, for example with competitions that can evolve over time (there are regular plans for a European championship, for example, or even the fact that a championship increases to 20 clubs at 18 or more. the suppression of a League Cup, in t
  4. Hello, Your skin is just amazing. I use it since FM 2019 and I never tire of it. Thanks you very much for your fantastic work I come to report a small bug. It doesnt repair when I empty the cache. When I click on " view all clubs " , nothing happens. It's not a clickable link. I would like to know if anyone knows the solution to fix this issue ! Thanks for your answer, have fun
  5. Hello, i wanted to thank author for his files i use them and they are great! i also realized another competition for western europe and i thought it was worth sharing it here bc it complements your other files Europa League 2 => England - 3, Spain - 2, Germany - 2, Italy - 2, France - 2, Portugal - 1, Netherlands - 1, Scotland - 1, Belgium - 1, Switzerland - 1. (perfectly compatible) the rules are the same, only for clubs that failed to qualify in Europe competitions .
  6. I looked everywhere for an update with the Indian Super League but I haven't found it Someone competent with the editor have planned to do it ?
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