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  1. Since 20.4 update, custom fixtures used (for english prem league) are now all over the place. There also doesnt seem to be a winter break in february that has half the games played one weekend, with the remaining the following. Is this a known issue?
  2. i have attached the log that keeps persisting. Monday, Football Manager worked fine and then this issue started last night (when original post was posted). I have done the above instructions with no such luck. Its frustrating as it doesnt seem obvious what the issue is! STORE_DIALOG_CHANNEL_14_02_2019_13_50_54.log
  3. Thanks for your reply! Done all that - worked after first re-installation and then the error has appeared again. Even removed custom pictures My laptop is all above the specified requirements. Any idea what is causing this?
  4. This evening my game has decided to do the following (see attached). I have followed the guidance from this forum (see below). However i have deleted the cache, preferences and re-verified with no luck. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. Thanks Smurf, was the update “hotfix” that was realeased earlier this week. It just sticks on the loading page for when you create a new save. Everything else is updated, AV I’m using is mcafee any help is always appreciated
  6. Pretty sure you can set up an assignment for; hot prospects, rotation, first team players etc
  7. Since the update yesterday, I can’t create a new save. It is stuck on the loading screen under ‘setting up game database’. Currently I have tried one which has been going for 45mins 37seconds to be exact... Anyone had similar issues or able to help?
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