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  1. May I ask which is the database you are playing with? I'm using lionel messi's one
  2. Well that would probably explain the following... Playing a couple of LLM saves, Loughborough University, playing in the lower tiers of English football signs ridiculously strong players (even coming from championship football) on amateur contracts! They are currently in Northern Premier Division 1 South, I have just been promoted to Vanarama national league south with Cadbury Athletic, and they have huge wage demands when I try to sign them for free (but are happy to play on amateur contracts) what's up with that?? I can post examples of players, but I'm sure others have not
  3. Hello all, One of my favourite features of Fm versions after the introduction of the DoF are his suggestions. But to get to them, one needs to go to transfers/DoF/Request suggestions and then manually request suggestions for each position, which seem to change day by day. I use this feature so often, it should be more user-friendly though. Why the excessive clicking? I understand they should be categorized by position or transfer/loan/free, but they should always be active, like the scouts' recommendations.
  4. The weird thing is that during the same save, when I was in League 2 I could protest the transfer after the Chairman accepted the bids, and they would accept to reject it. So the concept is still in the game!
  5. The asking price was 1 million. The chairman accepted various bids ranging 400k and 800k that were offered BOTH at the same time. That's not stupidity. Not only did he let me reject the same bids one day before, he didn't even choose to accept the highest bid.
  6. About finances, I mean when you go to the club profile, it says "Okay". But this is not about WHY the chairman accepted the bids, it's the timing. One day earlier, I reject 1 million bid, and then next day -which happens to be deadline day - the Chairman accepts unconditionally all bids above 400k, without even negotiating. SURELY that's called a bug.
  7. Finances were OK, this is definitely a bug, it can't be that 1 day ago i'm allowed to negotiate a bid up to 800k (and then reject it) and then the day after (deadline day, that's what bothers me most!!!) the chairman accepts a 400k bid! And this happened for 4 of my brightest prospects and first team players!!! I had no chance of replacing them!
  8. This is seriously buggy!!! After these two, bids come for my main central defender, 19-year-old, I reject bids as high as 700k, and then the chairman accepts the 450k bid "being too good to refuse"!!!!!!! Come on SI.........This is ruining my career.
  9. Hi. Playing with Cadbury Athletic, managed back to back to back promotions, now playing in League 1. In second place, 1 point behind top spot, with a thin young squad, academy players + loan stars. I have 3-4 gems for 3 years now, have been putting off bids from championship and premiership teams for a while now, they were happy, signing new improved contracts every year. Two of them are my two left backs/left wingers. So... January window, DEADLINE day... bids flocking in, and then THIS HAPPENS... What's up with that
  10. Thanks to everyone for the feedback, a quick update, in my fourth year, playing in Vanarama National League North, scouts still finding 0 recommendations. This is the specific issue i'm having, it's not that i can't find talent, it's that I only find talent manually using my DoF's suggested recommendations or when players/agents propose themselves. People saying that it's realistic to have 0 reports, well the game allows me to have 10 scouts in this low level, so this is not about realism. I always play LLM, and this is the only version where scouts seem to be useless. Even when I find a
  11. Hey all, old FM player here, started playing FM 2018 a while ago with my favourite Cadbury Athletic (activated 10th tier of English football). I am now in Southern League Premier Division, year 2020, and the thing that puzzles me most is the revamped scouting system. I have in total 10 scouts (I know, unrealistic, tell that to the board not me!!!) and I have them scouting for First Team Players, Ongoing, nothing else is selected. 3 of those found just 4 players in total, whilst the others have been scouting for 2 years or more, and found 0 players!!! I'm no newbie in FM, so I don't get w
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