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  1. For me, this evening FM 17 and Stellaris wouldnt start offline saying there was no licence. They started fine online. In guessing some hacking is to blame.
  2. You can. Its on the options menu of the game stats screen.
  3. Thank you guys..i like the idea but its just too busy...SI..maybe just one tweet per topic?
  4. God I hate this. Why cant we decide what the default screen will be in the inbox?
  5. This is an ongoing issue spread over several FMs. It can really hurt if you always get a strict referee.
  6. Or, instead of snark, you could actually tell him where to find this info.
  7. Ridiculous Tapatalk hate just above. It doesnt reflect well on SI that they refuse to enable tapatalk...a medium that hosts hundreds of thousands of forums. And is much more user friendly than what we have now.
  8. I dont agree that mental attributes should be sacrificed. Defenders with 1 or 2 bravery and concentration are worse than useless. Strikers with pace but no OTB or composure are worse than a slower but more balanced players.
  9. One great benefit of tapatalk is that you can have access to all your forums in one centralized place. And the text size is easily readable without lots of fidgeting around. There is no downside to SI making its forums available on tapatalk.
  10. When is SI going to make their forums available on Tapatalk? All the other forums I visit (including ex SIers OOTP Developments) are already there. Its much more mobile friendly then what we have now. Please give this a bit of consideration.
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