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  1. When is SI going to make their forums available on Tapatalk? All the other forums I visit (including ex SIers OOTP Developments) are already there. Its much more mobile friendly then what we have now. Please give this a bit of consideration.
  2. You could have an interesting 32 team tourney if you take say 20 from Europe, 6 from Africa and 6 from Asia.
  3. This is nonsense. The CA has also been about five times as entertaining.
  4. Dont know why Chile is in this list. A strong case can be made for them being one of the top three...if not the in the world at this moment. They have beaten Argentina in back to back years to win Copa Americas.
  5. No it isnt. External, health, exercise, education, love and support have massive effect. DNA just lay out a foundation. in footballing terms and outside of purely physical traits, mentality and technical ability are highly elastic. Again..its the nurture side of the coin that usually determines how a person develops. The game should better model both unlikely successses and shocking failures based on randem mental/emotional factors.
  6. Absolutely untrue. Training, dedication, sacrifice can take one to the top while laziness and disinterest can leave potential unrealized. Your argument seems very Calvinistic. Our abilities are not predetermined. Our future is only limited by controling factors in our environment and the limits of human ability.
  7. The operating expenses of having all those level 20 facilities will mean that you will always be in debt. You should add a sugar daddy owner.
  8. Can anyone really throw the ball that far that fast?
  9. The difference is millions of monetary units, in response to post 52
  10. This is so wrong as to be mindboggling. Superb is the stronger adjective.
  11. He signed a FA contract agreeing to a backup status. He said that if he wasnt goung to get 1st team football he would want to move on. I understand why the feature is in the game but I dont think it has been implemented well.
  12. Im still playing 15 and its Sept 15; weve played 5 league games. A backup wants a meeting because he isnt getting enough games. Hes started 1 and come in as a sub in two others. Its the first season on this save. Its silly really.
  13. But without all the dumb rules which only engendered bullying and ill will. Lets have an unfettered llm forum and a subforum within it dedicated to those old rules.
  14. I totally agree. The same civil war that still rages in baseball between traditionalists and sabermaticheads is coming to a sport near you.