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  1. Respectfully, they should. SI do not hand out this game as a free gift. There is only one person at SI (as far as I know) who should answer the tough uncomfortable questions and his name is Miles. One question I would like him to answer is: Why cant we have a fun and deep game like 07 with all the current QoL improvements added? Press conferences, endless and repetitive multiple choice talk options are not fun. Why must they be in the game?
  2. Its sad that FM07 did a much better job of keeping me informed about the Champions League and the World Cup. I wish SI wouldnt change things that dont need changing. The results are usually worse than before.
  3. Ive used a lower league England DB for many editions and there are never any problems. The game will not be created if there are any conflicts. All these dbs do is activate and fill out leagues that are already in the game.
  4. Changing a name in the editor changes nothing else but the name. It has absolutely no bearing on the actual game as would say an rating edit. Do you have an example of a simple name change having any effect on the performance of the game itself?
  5. I might be a majority of one but I wish the game would allow me to invest my profits back into the club as I see fit. Im playing a youth challenge starting in the 7th level of the pyramid and I would like to invest in my youth and training facilities at the expense of any scouting or transfer budget. I realize I could do this through an editor (if I knew the cost to expand) but it feels like cheating. Please SI give me the opportunity to play a save this way.
  6. This is a dangerous argument. So companies must always bow to the lowest common denominator in international trade. In China, kids under 18 are only allowed to use electronic devices for one hour a day, https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/691087-playstation-4/76956241 Should SI mandate that lids cannot play more than an hour a day? How would they even enforce these goofy laws. What could China do about it? Should we care what authoritarian govs do or think?
  7. I would also like to add that SI has done an excellent job avoiding this issue in the last couple of iterations, for me anyway. I like to start at level 7 or 8 in England. There are three and were four cup competitions and a 42 match league. Replays and waterlogged pitches could cause severe fixture congestion. Another suggestion might be the option to disable waterlogged pitches.
  8. It makes the game more fun and interesting. The world of football needs SI and its money more than SI need them. Worst case scenario: the FA gets pissy and revokes the license. SI could still use real player ratings with fake names. Modders would have real name mods in about a day and all is good,
  9. While this is an excellent point and I agree, I do think the game would be more fun with increased economic randomness. And I really wish that the Power That Be over at SI would allow us greater latitude over how we spend our money. Ive always wanted a save where I invest heavily in youth development and facilities at the cost of transfers.
  10. This is the old canard but it's ridiculous. Even if a specific team was specifically programmed to fail, it would still be highly unlikely that that team would have any legal recourse in a fictional game. Random events happening in a game are not actionable. Otherwise real player A could sue for being sent off for violent conduct.
  11. A simple solution is to allow the human manager to pick rearranged dates to avoid this problem that has been ongoing for years.
  12. Me too but my all in the world save is running fairly quickly. I recreate Leigh Genesis in the 7th level of English football and its very fun.
  13. When is SI going to make their forums available on Tapatalk? All the other forums I visit (including ex SIers OOTP Developments) are already there. Its much more mobile friendly then what we have now. Please give this a bit of consideration.
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