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  1. Guys can anyone check if you can watch friends' matches in an online save?
  2. I want my team to dominate possession in oppositon half and passing the ball around waiting for some of their defenders to make a mistake
  3. So, I am managing Leeds in 5th season and I am fighting for CL football, but seems that 2nd season in a row I will finish 4th. Here's my tactic: CF-Att W-su Iw-su Mez-Att Ap-su DM-Su Iwb-su Cd-de Bpd-de CWB-Att My instructions are like this: Play out of defence, Shorter passing, Play wider, Overlap right, Counter-press, Higher LOE, Higher D. Line, Offside trap, More urgent, Take short kicks I am using overlap right because it reduces my Iw-su just trying to dribble and shoot. Balanced mentality
  4. No. I have a skin which shows player's RCA, but I can only see it when I click on the player. I want to go to transfer market and sort by RCA, but I don't know how to do it. I was giving example: if I can sort by First touch(or any other thing) but it actually shows player's RCA?
  5. So I have this skin which shows you the player RCA (Recommended current ability) which seems to be almost exactly the same as Current ability. But I can only see RCA when I click on player. Is there any way to change the skin so when I am sorting by First touch in the transfer market, it actually shows their RCA?
  6. I am not really experienced at knowing if regen will actually become good, can you guys help me with these 2 players? This is FM 18. I want Claudio as Mezzala and Iago obviously as GK(Maybe SK)
  7. I've been trying a lot of stuff. 4-4-2, 4123... but I don't get a lot of possession/goals and Messi is playing really bad. Can anyone share their succesful tactic with Barcelona? Or at least recommend what system to play?
  8. I have 2 questions First: If I want to use Mezzala in MCR, what role should I use in AMR? Is RMD role at AMR and Mezzala at MCR good combination? Second: If I use AP(S) at AML and FB(A) at DL, what should I use in MCL position?
  9. I really like this formation but I feel midfield is bad. What roles do you suggest me to use?
  10. So I am not at home currently and I downloaded FM on my other computer, where I have no saves no anything, but I am using the same account. My friend and I are playing an online save. Will I be able to join and we continue our saves normally? Because I just had to create a new manager when I first started the game on this computer.
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