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  1. Fantastic skin, so much detail in there, the best i have seen. I have found one small thing, when you go into the progress tab and select attributes and hover over the lines in the chart there is just a grey box, it doesn't give you the name of which attribute it is or the number its now at, and if possible is there a way to remove the hidden data tab (info) from the player profile. I would prefer not to be able to know the CA, PA etc of the players?
  2. Has anybody else found that if you create and save your custom set piece routines, when you load them into your tactics the players have all moved from the positions you saved them in? I’ve wasted so much time creating these and trying to work out why the players move of their own accord when I load the routine that I’m going to just revert to default routines and not bother with it anymore!
  3. Just started my first season with the mighty Utd, 11 games in and won 10 but lost the first in Super Cup to Real Madrid 2-0!! Since then i have readjusted my tactics and the team seem to be improving although still having some problems getting the best out of Lukaku and Pogba, I've tried Pogba as Mezzala but switched him to Roaming PM S and am using Lukaku as CF A. Also went a bit crazy in the first transfer market, selling a lot of the dead wood and bringing in a load of potential superstars so this might be the reason for the team to not be playing to their full potential yet. I de
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