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  1. Fantastic skin, so much detail in there, the best i have seen. I have found one small thing, when you go into the progress tab and select attributes and hover over the lines in the chart there is just a grey box, it doesn't give you the name of which attribute it is or the number its now at, and if possible is there a way to remove the hidden data tab (info) from the player profile. I would prefer not to be able to know the CA, PA etc of the players?
  2. Has anybody else found that if you create and save your custom set piece routines, when you load them into your tactics the players have all moved from the positions you saved them in? I’ve wasted so much time creating these and trying to work out why the players move of their own accord when I load the routine that I’m going to just revert to default routines and not bother with it anymore!
  3. Just started my first season with the mighty Utd, 11 games in and won 10 but lost the first in Super Cup to Real Madrid 2-0!! Since then i have readjusted my tactics and the team seem to be improving although still having some problems getting the best out of Lukaku and Pogba, I've tried Pogba as Mezzala but switched him to Roaming PM S and am using Lukaku as CF A. Also went a bit crazy in the first transfer market, selling a lot of the dead wood and bringing in a load of potential superstars so this might be the reason for the team to not be playing to their full potential yet. I decided to try a 4-1-2-2-1 (2 wide attacking mids a new tactic for me this year) and decided a complete overhaul of the squad would be something i would try with the emphasis on youth. As my tactic has no position for a no:10 role and due to his lack of pace i sold Mata to Real to £40 mill and then Matic, Sanchez and Herrera for ridiculous money after offering them to other teams along with a a large number of other players i decided i would not want in the long term or do not make the grade. Can't believe i negotiated Bayern to offer the £90 mill i asked for Sanchez or Napoli giving £60 mill for Matic especially when their starting transfer budgets are not that high if you choose to start with them??? this gave me a huge amount of room in wage budget which i adjusted right down to create extra transfer money. I also bought in some golden oldies on free transfers for 1 season to help with the tutoring of the younger players as i found i had sold all the options i had apart from Carrick and Ibra, I'm not expecting any of them to play any part during the season so might get some problems as it progresses and will have to rotate the squad regularly to try and keep everyone happy thats probably going to be the biggest challenge as well as well as trying to keep a core of regular players together to ensure a successful season. Saying this though it has given me the opportunity to try and put together a squad to dominate the next 10-15 years including some youngsters i picked up on youth contracts so only compensation payments to pay, we'll see how i can get them to progress over the next few years. Its something i have always struggled a little with in previous FM's. Have also overseen a complete overhaul of the clubs staffing and filled up all staffing roles with all 3 teams with all but one aspect now being coached at 4 star or above! 1st transfer window below: 1st Team squad: As i have now maybe foolishly blown the whole transfer budget for the season i have no plans for the Jan transfer window and am instead planning my moves for the summer already and considering how best to unsettle those i have targeted. I am planning to bring in a new RB as Valencia's long term replacement and will have Fosu-Mensah as the back up, i will also probably sell Zeca although his versatility as both RB & LB is very useful especially with Luke Shaw's injury concerns but might change my mind as the season progresses and decide to move on Shaw if he continues to get injured and consider K.Tierney as a replacement. I will probably look to move on Lindelhof as he isn't as strong in the air as i am looking for and also want a left footer in the central defence to partner E.Bailly / P.Jones with De Light as back up, M.Sarr i don't see as being ready to be a first team starter just yet, but am also considering trying to land John Stones as my BPD as he's one of the best in the game and more importantly English and my RB targets are both Liverpool players, either Joe Gomez or Alexander-Arnold!! I have already declared them as targets in public to begin trying to unsettle them for the summer, and finally i might consider replacing Lukaku and give more opportunities to Rashford and Dolberg to make a claim as first choice and bring in another under 21 as a third choice rotational striker unless his performances pick up dramatically and Ibra, Pirlo, Carvalho and Carrick will all also be leaving at the end of the season although both Ibra and Carrick are taking coaching courses so could possibly remain with us.
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