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  1. 17 hours ago, Sunstrikuuu said:

    Anyone have any thoughts about fitness and keeping players fresh?  I have a couple who the physio is recommending I send on holiday for a week but the player is complaining about not getting enough minutes.  It's December.  Seven players who need to go on holiday despite being on half training for most of the season seems... excessive.

    If I have another game within three or four days, I always rest my players for two days (right click on the player, go to training and select rest). Probably not ideal for their development but keeps them a bit more fresh.

  2. 8 minutes ago, tezcatlipoca665 said:

    Okay, that isn't the issue though. I have to retype this because the original post failed, and I don't want to come off as condescending, but I need to make this clear so people understand what's happening:

    - steve.bs69 wants to know if there's an easier way to see the 'Tired' status that doesn't involve hovering over the heart icon, most likely as separate section (like in the same way you can see players Position, Nationality, etc.).
    - people are telling him that you can find the information easily in the Medical Centre. You can't - not any easier than finding it in the Tactics section anyway. You still have to hover over the heart icon.
    - Fatigue is not an indicator of of the 'Tired' status. You can be fatigued and have 'Excellent - Match Fit' as a status, and have the same level of fatigue and be 'Excellent - Tired'. The difference between 'Excellent - Match Fit' and 'Excellent - Tired' is usually a single day of not playing a match.
    - The real problem is that the heart icon is both full and green for the 'Peak', 'Excellent - Match Fit' and 'Excellent - Tired' statuses. You can have to hover over them to tell the difference.

    The reason this has probably never been considered an issue for SI is because there's already a visible difference between the heart icons for 'Peak', 'Excellent - Match Fit' and 'Excellent - Tired' - they're just so difficult to see that it's causing problems. Here's a close-up of the heart icons. You'll see that they're all a different shade of green.

    If there's a way to change those colours so they're more obviously different, that'll probably help steve.bs69 out.


    This is the main issue I have with the hearts and is why I always go back to the percentages (using a custom skin). There needs to be more obvious differentiation between the colours. I shouldn't have to hover over the heart to see the players status - I should be able to quickly look at it and know.

  3. I'm halfway through my third season at Arsenal and have Prestianni in my u-21 team. He isn't good enough for my first team so I want to loan him out but I also want him to gain Club - Homegrown status. At the moment it is December 2025 and he will gain Club - Homegrown status on 28/06/2026 (in 184 days). He is still only 19 and turns 20 on 31 January. 

    My plan is to loan him out at the end of the winter transfer window for half a season so he would then re-join my team on 01/07/2026. This would leave 215 days before he turns 21, which is more than the required days to become Club - Homegrown status.

    Would this work or do the days to become Club - Homegrown status need to be consecutive?


  4. 18 hours ago, TCSSkin said:

    If you remove the edited properties file, does stuff like this work properly?

    I removed the file and now all the things that were missing are back. I guess there was some issue with that file.

    Does anyone have an updated properties file they are willing to share with me so I can get condition % to show? Thanks.

  5. When I use the FM24 Base Skin I lose some of the information in the pop-up that appears when creating a recruitment focus. The World Knowledge and Current Focuses columns are missing (see screenshot (original skin on the left, FM24 Base Skin on the right).



    Any idea how to get this back? Thanks

    Forgot to add, I have added the 4 files mentioned here to the skin, don't know if that could be the reason?


  6. Not sure if this is a bug or a change but I'm noticing my Assistant Manager, who leads general training,  schedules more three-session days compared to FM23. In FM23 I think the only 3 session days where when you did Match Tactics in the morning, Match Practice in the Afternoon and Recovery in the Evening. In FM24 I'm seeing more of these full days, especially with Routines being trained in the evening. Any one else noticing this?


  7. @snowofman @JustHowie I've been looking at the link, 

    and I'm not sure what to do with this:

    "For the most part if you have been directed to this guide then you should know what file you are after and should have been told which fmf file it is located in, if you aren't sure then check back on the link that sent you here."

    You guys both mentioned the Settings file but I can't see that file in the folder, I can only see it in data > game >settings.fmf. Is that the correct one? Thanks



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