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  1. A new Cagliari's stadium is being built for 2019/2020 season. Sardegna Arena is a temporary location. http://stadiumdb.com/designs/ita/nuovo_stadio_cagliari
  2. In the game CD Lugo's stadium is called Angel Carro. This is wrong. It's called Anxo Carro.
  3. I discover a mistake: Polvorín(Third Division Group 1) and Lugo B are two different teams in game while in real world are the same team. Polvorín is the Lugo's B team since 2015. http://www.cdlugo.com/noticia/sellado-el-convenio-de-filialidad-cd-lugo-polvorin-fc
  4. Lugo B is in a wrong division. It must be in Third Division Group 1. https://www.siguetuliga.com/liga/galicia-tercera-division-grupo-1
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