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  1. Mines started working from yesterday morning. I uninstalled all of steam. EVERY steam folder was deleted on my macbook. Then I reinstalled it all and currently working fine (touch wood!).
  2. No VPN's. Was working fine yesterday, never had any problems until today. I've tried many different locations; UK Manchester was my default. UK London tired, New York tired, Norway tired. Singapore tried. Nothing works was fine until the update that got released today.
  3. I've uninstalled the game and now it won't even install the game now! ..... All because of this new update today
  4. Just to make sure, my save games and editor files will be okay?
  5. I've tried changing the region and it wouldn't work. I've also tried verifying the game, however, that doesn't seem to work literally waited 30mins and it hasn't done anything. So strange was working fine yesterday just until the new update
  6. The new FM19 update (19.3.5) has been released and now my game is not working. The game was working fine until the new update.... It won't download the update nor will the game open. I am using macbook which is up to date.
  7. Don't know where to put this, but in Scotland you can have unlimited amount of loans from another league bar Scottish ones. Loans between Scottish clubs - up to 4max. Any other leagues in the world - unlimited. However, FM19 only allow you 4 in total..... Can we get that changed?
  8. For some reason, since the update I can't move the budget slider for wage to transfer budget and scouting budget slider? Is this a bug? I have funds in both, so I should be able to move it. I haven't moved it either since starting the game. Before the new update, I could move the slider around at this time of the pre-season.
  9. Happening to me, I am Dundee FC trying to buy free agents (I've tried hundreds) and they aren't signing until January 2019 rather than summer 2018. I decided then to be Albion Rovers and the same happens to them as well. Interestingly it seems it only happens from the 9 June 2018 onwards, when the transfer window opens...
  10. Playing at 125% zoom on MacBook but don't know if that is related as, dates are missing from my training schedule 9,10,11,12,13,14 and 15 July missing...... Anyone have any idea?
  11. Yeah I have a MacBook and had to play at 125% zoom
  12. I'm trying to create new affiliations for my team (Dundee FC). I have picked the Aspire Academies in Qatar and Senegal. My aim is to control all three clubs, be able to move freely players from club to club and hire coaching staff/scouts for all clubs to enhance Dundee FC in gaining more and better younger players? My thinking is the two academies will act like a satellite camp for the main club (Dundee FC). (Hope that makes sense). So the issue I am having is, I've created both academy teams as 'B' clubs on editor, click the revenant boxes so players move freely, enhanced scouting knowledge etc... But when I try to hire a manager and coaches/scouts for each team the board eventually cancel the deal? It won't allow me to hire backroom staff for the academies, even though the Qatar team have some already? Any idea how to sort this out so I can hire coaching staff for the academy teams?
  13. So on the date of the match, the draw gets made, and the game gets arranged for the Sunday....
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