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  1. Hello Guys & Girls, After starting a YouTube channel earlier on in the year and having a lot of fun with it, I decided to branch out and create a new channel that is going to be solely focused on Football Manager content. Football Manager is a game that much like many others I'm hugely passionate about, and have been for a good 12 years or so now so I thought to myself - why not? I'm currently 3 episodes into my first series in which I am managing FC Andorra, an incredibly interesting project to me as not only are they are based in Andorra but playing in the 3rd tier of Spain, but they are actually owned by a company called Kosmos Holding, whose president is none other than Barcelona CB Gerard Pique! I'm hoping that it will be a long and fruitful career and if you're interested then you can check out my channel HERE, or the direct link to the playlist HERE Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you do choose to watch any of my stuff, all feedback is greatly appreciated either here or in the comments section of one of my videos Many Thanks, JakefogFM
  2. I've not had much of an issue with brexit, in my save I've got the 17 foreign player limit which is fine. The only thing that annoys me is the fact that any regen I sign (excluding English ones) don't join until they're 18 (whereas previously players from the EU would come before turning 18) because I can't train them how I want to in that period of time. One thing I've been wondering, is it possible for the UK to rejoin the EU later down the line? Has anyone experienced that?
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