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  1. hace 13 minutos, Blue 4 Life dijo:


    Every transfer I've done has been 50% up front and the other 50% in installments, to make my budget last.

    Also, I switch my tempo from high to normal for some games, especially when playing against a good team away. I find this makes my team take a bit more time and care on the ball, slow the game down and not give possession away so easily. I usually play a high tempo to move the ball around quickly to break teams down when I'm at home and think I'm the superior team, then when I take the lead I might switch the tempo to normal. It depends who I play against and how the game is going really.

    I been willing to choose cardiff or other team, just set up my DB and then choose a team 

  2. hace 49 minutos, Blue 4 Life dijo:


    Can't believe I've only just discovered this thread! Great to see lots of people choosing the lower leagues!

    I'm a very happy Cardiff fan for obvious reasons. How's your save with Cardiff going mate? I'm in my third season, currently top of the Premiership and in the quarter final of the Champions League, which is where I expect my run to end as I've been drawn against Real Madrid.

    First season I won the Championship title by a point. Second season in the Premiership, I started well and kept in the top 6. I gambled on playing the reserves in the cups and got knocked out early, but this enabled me to keep my first team fresh for challenging for Europe. I managed to sneak 4th place and got into the Champions League.

    Third season, I've used the additional funds and raised profile from the Champions League qualification to sign good young players like Dolberg, Sisto and Pavon. I got Cuisance on loan who has been superb and I signed Dourado who has been a quality holding midfielder.

    I play a 4-1-2-3 wide system with short passing, retaining possesson, high tempo, playing narrow and closing down often, which obviously requires my centre midfielders to have high work rate and stamina stats. I have 9 games remaining in the Premiership, hopefully I will hold on to win the title.

    Can You share your transfers?

  3. hace 6 horas, michaeltmurrayuk dijo:

    If the game is giving an xml error then you mad a mistake when editing the file (normally a case of not closing a container, or deleting one too many/less than needed). The error message should generally give you a line number the error is on that should help narrow the problem. (Also if you are on a MAC make sure the " aren't being changed).

    I think it was that, i copy the line of the budget of the CFM Skin and copy it onto my Club overview panel and didnt have a mistake, here it is how it looks now, im on a 1366 x 768 resolution laptop. 

    Nottingham Forest_ Vista general Perfil.png

  4. hace 5 horas, D_LO_ dijo:

    You don't ask much. 

    Have you read through the thread? Some of the guidance is very similar if not identical, providing principles on how to find relevant sections of code, then it's a case of swapping around but ensuring you retain widths, heights, etc.. It's usually unrealistic to expect people to do all the work for you. 


    But to be totally honest, what you want is a complete overhaul of my download. Have you looked at the earlier versions of the download I provided in thread exactly because I anticipated these kind of comments?  Have you checked the others versions of this panel released by others or within other skins? Use the search function. Considering it's not remotely what you want, why use it as your base?


    NB: what you want re. the trophies sounds impractical and I've not personally seen anyone attempt anything similar so I would temper expectations re. that particular aspect. 

    I read it, but when i try to edit the XML or erase something of it after recharging skin it gives me a XML error

  5. hace 2 horas, flmtorres dijo:

    Hi! How can I open the .fmf file with the list of hidden gems? Is it with the Resource Archiver?


    If u want it to show it in the shortlist in game, put the file on the shorlist folder  on the sports interactivo form documents the go on game shortlist-load shorlist-select it-ok  

  6. I just wanted to make changes onto my club overview and i edited the things i wanted to changed :

    1.- Change places on last 11 with the kits 

    2.- erase the city pic

    3.- Change places the stadium with the ecoomy and budget and information of the club ( the things with a red arrow)

    4.- PUT THE PLAYERS where the trophies are

    If someone can do it i leave it my xml files, i noob at this so i don know how to do it


    club overview details panel.xml

    club overview panel.xml


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