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  1. First issue is one that has been for the past few years, but seemed to be fixed for this year... However, it's broken again since this last patch. Made myself a custom selection info view, as you can see on the left, but if I advance at all, the average rating goes really far off to the right so it's out of sight. Really annoying issue as I don't want to drag it back every single time I go to tactics (which I do because OCD...) and it's especially annoying as it wasn't an issue all year up until now. Second issue I've never seen before, my AML isn't showing up on the corner tactics.
  2. Made some custom kits using FC'12 templates, for some reason the away kit doesn't show up in game... Pretty sure I haven't made any mistakes, anyone know how to fix this as it looks really ugly as it is now
  3. Probably just slightly annoying to me, but for all teams the social media hashtags are different to what the actual clubs use on social media. Also, no clubs seem to have nicknames? This isn't exactly game destroying, but it would be nice to have it so in the in-game editor in the 'General' tab of 'Edit Club Details', you have the ability to change a club's nickname and hashtag, like you can do in the standard editor (however, I started this save in the beta when that wasn't out yet). The hashtags thing is especially only at all annoying for my club (as that's the only one I really see on the social tab), but I'd like to just bring that extra level of realism to my save.
  4. If it's the same for FM16 (when I switched from a laptop to PC), even without the cloud, you can take the saves from Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/games and paste them into the same file on your new laptop once you've installed FM
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