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  1. A season has begun, i´m here to ask for some challenges for a new save, can you tell me some interesting teams to play?
  2. Hello I m here to ask for a challenge of long term, I m trying to keep my morale up with same saves but after a games i just lose the interesting in the team and it s been like that in mouths help find a carrer of a life, can someone team a relegation team with a medium budget ? I only have these countries: Portugal England France Italy Germany Brazil Spain
  3. Hello I would like to see suggestions about the new season coming, can you tell teams to play in 2018/19?
  4. In all of the contents I try to download it say s that is not compatible
  5. Hello this forum helped me when I needed but i need help again for other problem: I start FM 18 and it s all good but when i m waiting to go for the principal screen (where we choose what we want to do) the screen just stay there loading in a infinite circle, each time the circle end rotating, the screen just go black for barely a second and it s been like that every time I restart the pc
  6. I m testing now how it is going but you think now will will work?
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