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  1. Maybe I should start in the lower leagues in portugal how about that? does it really makes the game more interesting ?
  2. Hello I m wish i could start a save without doubts beacause when I start a save (always in Portugal) I keep motivated for a day or two but then I Start to see defects in everthing in my save. And I want to know what keeps you motivated in a long term save
  3. Hello I m stuck in so many saves started because I start the pre season with some deafeats or I start thinking that the club that i m managing it s not the right for me, and I m stuck with this things these days, can someone help me to how to find motivation to keep the save or finding the right club
  4. Hello, i m starting with Boavista, and i still don t know how to train individually and team trainning in the pre season. what type of train do i begin, how do i train each week in the pre season?
  5. Hello i´m here to ask for help about my fm2020 carrers, i try to do everthing to get a better result but i just can t, even if i m in a better team like FC Porto, in the pre season i just win for 1-0 or a draw, can someone help me trying to figure out what is causing this problem
  6. Hello I m here to ask for a challenge of long term, I m trying to keep my morale up with same saves but after a games i just lose the interesting in the team and it s been like that in mouths help find a carrer of a life, can someone team a relegation team with a medium budget ? I only have these countries: Portugal England France Italy Germany Brazil Spain
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