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  1. That's because goals are pre-determinded and the ME has to render away for the goal to happen - each ME iteration, aside from balance is just a excerise in how to disguise it.
  2. I was excited for this years version, first time in a long time, I played FM18 and 17 etc before it, but this one I was excited for. Some actually innovation seemed to take place for this version. I couldn't be more disappointed. The ME balance is hideous for some many reasons already listed here. I work for a software company who have no direct comptetion, believe me, I know what that does. I don't want to sound like a negative nancy, but SI need competition, we're just at pure stagnation at this point. The cycle is the same every year. The intial release is borked and a step back f
  3. What's 'Other Income' and how does it affect finances? I tried looking through various Championship sides to get an understanding, they're all so vastly different.
  4. Hey, I've never dabbled with editing before, was wondering what was the easiet and or best way of creating a team? Using the mode provided in game, or the out of game editor? Also, how would I import kits for my created team?
  5. Sampdooooooorrrrrrria - Nice Kit - Has my name in the name - An awesome team in the 90s when Italian Football was the bomb. The main struggle will be transitioning a team with almost no width into a 4-4-2
  6. HI, not sure if this belongs here. I've never messed about with editing before - are there any good resources people know of that will allow me to create good looking kits and badges if I wanted to create a team?
  7. If only Hamburg were not sponserd by Fly Emirates, as a united fan - it makes me sick - I have to like the kit and the sponser, makes chosing a team hard
  8. Haven't decided on my team yet. Don't usually manage in the English Football Leagues, but looking forward to it this season. Considering Wednesday. What I really want is a team who can play Treq - Pressing Forward up top and wingers in a 4-4-2 from the off is preferable If anyone knows of a team in the Champ or League 1 that can facilitate this style well, let me know.
  9. Man Utd - The team I support, but haven't managed since early 00s Championship manager because boring, now they've properly fallen from grace, they become an interesting prospect again. Bournemouth - They play 4-4-2 with Wingers, how I grew up to love football. Norwich - My home city, got a good group of young players. Gladbach - Always, usually my main save, my go to German team, great history, good young players, the players really suit 4-4-2 as well. Sampdoria/Torino - Not decided on my Italian team of choice, probably Sampdoria, loved the early 90s team that won t
  10. It'll be Gladbach for me, always have done a Gladbach save - They have good history, love the idea of bringing them back to the top - great youth facilites, the players to play 4-4-2 and some immense young talent.
  11. lol sorry, totes forgot what this game is for a mo, edited OP
  12. Looking for a good young defensive forward to replace my aging one. Anyone got any recommendations>?? Team is Gladbach, Top 4 team in Bundesliga - Budget around 30 mil - Second season, currently top
  13. So, I've posted thread in the past, trying to get help in developing a tactic, reading through tons of posts and guides etc. I've built a tactic that has up til now worked well for me. Some context - I'm Gladbach, Predicted to finish 4th or 5th in the first seaons, finished second behind Bayern of course, knicked second on the last day as dortmund stumbled. Currently top of the bundesliga in second season, just reached the Jan transfer window. There is still a lot of theory I feel I don't understand, I'll list my formation below, and as a change from why doesn't this work,
  14. Many, horrific calls. It's not just the offiside calls themselves that are bonkers it's the players actions sometimes to. I've seen multiple times, a defender/midfielder attempt a through ball, only for it to be intercepted by my defender, only - it doesn't get intercepted, the balls makes it way to me defender, slowly and easily, straight to him, only he stops moving, and waits for the player it was intented to, to run past him, and I'm thinking, wtf mate, and then the offside is called, like my defender all along could see the players exact position depsite facing in the wrong dire
  15. but odds for win and options during team talks telling my team we're underdogs does. It's fine, didn't expect an answer that made sense, the game rarely does anyway XD
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