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  1. A few wishes regarding tactics: - Feedback from players on tactical instructions. E.g. a smiley on the Player Instruction view indicating how happy or confident the player is to be able to perform the instructions given (e.g. using the same color-scheme as for indicating preferred positions), response perhaps tied to personality, morale, preferred moves etc - Preview of the tactical instructions. E.g. a 2D-pitch view of how the formation looks in the Highlights, perhaps even with Wibble/Wobble-screens (without the ability to move around the player positions) and indications on where each player will look to pass/move (when with ball) or press/move (when without) - again using the same color-scheme as for indicating preferred positions. Maybe even give the opportunity to preview what effects different opponent formations has on your tactics. - Auto-pausing during matches and ability to pre-define auto-pausing events. E.g. when a player gets below a certain percentage in health, at a particular time, when the opposition switches tactics, when the opposition switches to more attacking/defensive tactics, when the pass completion of a particular player gets really poor, when a player receives a very poor rating etc. - Fewer steps on the sliders (perhaps even resurrection of the CM0102-style boxes). Even at just five steps (six with "None"-option) the sheer number of variables still leaves a staggering complexity. - Make the feedback on team talks easier to access and not require an Assistant Manager (maybe even make Team Talks/Player Interactions a subscreen of its own, similar to Tactics or Training)
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