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  1. 3rd year of unbearable 3D match engine lag on a 5 star PC. I'm running it on a fully maxed out Dell XPS 15, but this year if I play with my recommended screen resolution of 3840x2160 the lag is so bad its unwatchable. If i reduce it to 1920x1080 it improves a lot, though not perfect by any stretch. Pain in the arse to have to change my screen res back & forth every time i play. Don't have to do that with ANY other game.
  2. Ok I've had a breakthrough here..... It appears that the game hasn't been optimised for 4K screens. Just changed resolution in windows to 1920x1080 & it seems to be much smoother. Still annoying that i have to change these settings back & forth to play this game, but hopefully this can be patched.
  3. Those basic tips get wheeled out every year. Sadly for most of us long sufferers, it doesnt matter what settings we tweak ( & believe me i have tried them all), the results are exactly the same.......... because it is an optimisation issue thier end. Glad its worked for you though.
  4. Optimisation is one of the most important things PC games have to go through, but SI's apparent stubborness on this issue over the last 3 years is quite frankly lazy & amateurish. I refuse to believe it's an unfixable problem. Many other much bigger titles have encountered similar problems before, the difference being they have always done whatevers neccesary to fix it........ quickly..... Why SI won't put their hand in their pockets & at least hire someone to the team who can help them with this is just plain cheap. It appears that their policy on this is if they ignore it for long e
  5. Fair enough mate. But you're making it sound like this hasn't been your achilles heel for the last 3 years. Asking ppl for more diagnostics all the time & to describe the problem smacks of just going through the motions.
  6. Come on Jack..... You know as well as we do, this is the exact same issue that has been plaguing many '5 star' pc owners for around 3 years now. There have been way, way too many reports about this over that time for them to be isolated issues. The only bizarre thing is why after all this time the devs still haven't been able to optimise the 3D match engine properly. I for one post about it every year. Imagine this was happening on lets say, 'Fifa'..? There would be uproar. I can play that way more graphically demanding game at the highest settings without a single stutter. Maybe someone shoul
  7. Lucky you. Then you won't be aware of the many Nvidia owners who have then.
  8. How about a nice complimentary copy for us poor long suffering Nvidia owners who only got about 6 months out of FM19 before the graphics went up the swany & made us stop playing it...? Come on Neil, you know it makes sense...!
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