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  1. This is an on-and-off problem in FM, with some versions being worse than others. FM23 isn't great but nowhere near as bad as say, FM16, where wide players would run parallel to the byline and cannon it at the near post from a zero-degree angle. Generally, though, it's a sequence of play that's very hard to recreate consistently.
  2. It depends on where the dribble happens. I agree that attempted dribbles tend to result in a loss of the ball in the first 2/3rds of the pitch, but once you get to the attacking 3rd it's pretty clear that taking a man on is lava. Wide players on attacking duties are particularly bad about it. Receive ball -> get shown outside and make a dash for the byline -> stand on the ball and lollygag until you get tackled happens 20+ times per game against underdogs that pack the box. The IFs/IWs is actually more willing to take a man on directly than their attack duty counterparts, presumably because they tend to receive the ball deeper on the pitch. Once wide players are level with the top of the box it's like they can smell that bloody byline and neither man nor beast is going to keep them from it.
  3. It's slightly better but players (not just wingers) are generally still far too reticent to take a man on directly. You see far too few progressive carries by defenders and midfielders in buildup for the same reason.
  4. I've never really used any of the "Auto" roles as I really dislike the idea of mentality so fundamentally changing how a player behaves, but I'll take your word for it.
  5. I like what you're aiming for here, but it's not going to work out in the FM22 ME. Neither the WPs nor WMs roles will sit that deep and narrow, so you'll tend to get a wonky 3-1-6 shape (with the CMa and the MR competing for the right half-space) instead of the 3-2-5 you're looking for. I also tend to really dislike the WBa/CWBa roles. While you will get the kind of positioning from them that you're looking for here, they have a really bad habit of behaving like mindless crossing bots regardless of player, TIs, and PIs. It feels like there's a zone near the byline where those two roles become physically incapable of considering any other action than a speculative cross; typically straight into the shins of a defender.
  6. At the risk of sounding glib, have you considered that the inevitable result of playing on Attacking mentality and asking your players to play with "Much Higher Tempo" is lots of awful-quality shots against teams that sit back? All of your TIs scream "high-octane Klopp-style football", not "break down a parked bus". Furthermore, your lineup has no vertical structure to it whatsoever. I guarantee if you look at average positions during established possession, your wingbacks are practically at the byline, Xhaka is probably sitting right on the edge of the box, and everyone else excluding your CBs and GK are in the box proper. You have no good options to recycle possession, and particularly your WBa on the right is going to mindlessly spam crosses into the box as a result. You are giving teams exactly what they want and compressing play needlessly with your role choices.
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