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  1. I have the same problem. Unlocked design A son, but that does not work. When i press the link, I am still Asker to pay NOK 44. was connected to the internet when it was unlocked. ipad pro 2020, iOS 14.0.1
  2. As with FM18 international fixtures once again collides with the second to last fixture in the Norwegian league. Not really a problem in season 1, but as I intend to build a strong squad it really is a problem. I made the same complaint in 2018. Didn’t play in Norway on FM19, so I don’t know if it was there too.
  3. Having the same problem. Have the latest version of FM available in the Apple store. Did not have this issue in previous versions. Apple iPad 6. generation (2018). Model number MR7G2KN/A keeps crashing when I start the first game after loading the game. After rebooting (the app) it seems to stop crashing, at least not very often. But always before the first match. have about 3.5 GB storage left, of 32.
  4. Tried both of the above suggestions, but did not work. But decided to hire A new Head of youth after that. That worked for me.
  5. Hi guys, just started A game with Sunderland, and suddenly I have to manage the reserves. Sacked my assistant, and hired a new one. But can't seem to a place to assign responsibility for controlling the reserves. Have latest iPad update of the game
  6. Thanks for the tips, mate. Will try out som PI tweaking. Closing less on CB’s made them stay more in line.
  7. I mist be doing something wrong here. Been trying this version of 4231, but can’t seem to stop conceding cheap goals. Any suggestions? The frustration of FM18 is starting to get to me. Every cross goes in, long goal kicks leads to a long through ball, central defenders just watch as attackers run or play around them.
  8. Hi. I keep having an issue with the Norwegian league. The second (or third) to last round keep being played at the same time as the internationals in November. This affects all teams of course, but hopeless when you have played a few seasons and the squad contains mostly international players. I see in Norwegian forums that this affects all platforms and versions. playing on iPad, so I can’t upload save. Sorry. Latest version, 18.2.2
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