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  1. Well said guy. This issue has been discouraging since FM 2018. I strongly urge the develop team should take a serious look at that.
  2. There is a bug that reminding me EVERYDAY about Locatelli’s transfer both before and after transfer windows. Extremely annoying and nothing you can do.
  3. And by the way, i would have a suggestion for the rating mechanism. For the players who just presents for less than 5mins or 10mins, they shouldn’t have a rate instead of rating them as 6. It isn’t fair and it is how the international standard should be.
  4. I am happy to share the save file, please show me how. i think it’s a system issue as I encountered a lot in FM 2018. You got a perfect first half rating 10 but a ****** second half for rating 5. Then your final rate is still 5 instead of 7 something. It happens a lot and I’m just disappointed it hasn’t been fixed in FM 2019.
  5. Then how come a defensive line which conceeded 6 goals could get a average score of 7 ?do you still think they deserve it if it happened in real life?Does it make any sense if a team which suffered a great loss but still getting better average rate than the winning one?
  6. I led 5-0 in the first half and finally won 6-2. but the lost team has better average rate, especially the defend line and GK. What a joke! this existed in FM 2018 and still exists in 2019. Really disappointed!
  7. Excellent! The losing team got much better rate than the winning team! If you played great in 1st half and sucks in 2nd half, you are sucks. IF you played sucks in 1st half and great in 2nd half, you are great. Should rate be considered by accumulated performance instead of the performance only in 2nd half?
  8. Very interesting rate system. The lost team rated much better than the winning team, even for the GK who lost more goals. The rate system seems like a joke, players are majorly rated by half game in stead of whole game. Should it be fair to take the average performance of whole game to rate?It happens quite offen that players are out performed even they win. Also, for the playes who just play in a short period of time, should get a N/A rate due to too short time to rate instead of just givimg them a 6. I think abovemetioned 2 feedback are more realistic if there is the goal for FM aiming to achieve.
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