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  1. Summary: from team screen, right clic/B-team available does not work Description of Issue: if I select a player available for B-team, from mail sent by the B-team coach, this availability is taken into acount and we can see it it the screen (automatic update of the team screen with the player 'holder' (not sure of the english term) or substitute). Same operation from team screen (with right clic→available for next B-team match) doest not work. Steps to Reproduce: From my game (BTEAM BUG - Toulouse FC.fm). Third mail is sent by my B-team coach to know who can play with B-team. With suggestion, select Leya Iseka (first player) and put him available for next 90min. Wa can see Leya included in the team as 'holder'. With this method, it is ok. Now select Leya and put him not available. 2nd method. From team screen. Right clic on Leya Iseka, select available for next 90min. Go back to mail. The player is not included in the B-team. By selecting an other player available (for example Sanogo), Sanogo AND Leya Iseka are included on B-team. There is a problem to link selection from Team screen to the B-team coach selection. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/Kzvhd0MdU3v4Nv4 I Hope it is ok!
  2. Hi, (sorry for my poor level in english, I hope it will be helpful) When I select a player available to play with B-team on the B coach mail, my play plays with B-team (logic). But if I select one or some players on effective part (with right clic and available for B-team), the player does not play. This action is not taken into acount by my B-coach. Thanks
  3. Same problem. He said " they are unhappy because they want less strength training or quickness training" If you ADD strength or quickness, it wil lproduce the opposite effect no?
  4. Congrats! I just read all your carrer. I made my save with TFC also ans it was so difficult to beat PSG. It needs more than 100 points! The error is forbidden!. Your firts season wa impressive, especially because some players are not so strong. Wat is your objective in european competition?
  5. My answer is late but I have played with this formation on my save (only the shape, not the team instructions). And I often observed this problem. I tried so many solutions but there is no magic one. Indeed, Side players are wingers, and not wing back. Naturally, a winger will not mark an opposite winger. The default is that thewing back is too defensive for me. The solution I find is first to set wide defense (TI). Then, set as an individual instruction for winger AND 'lateral' central back to mark the position (not the man, the position) of opposite winger. Yes, both are marking the same zone (I insist, not the man but the zone). I observed that it reduces the distance between your winger and your lateral center back, so the cover is better. It is not magic. If my winger is awful on marking, and opposite team is strong, they can score with this kind of actions. I hope it is clear (I lost my english this summer)!
  6. Ok! It's often the same question : put a 'defensive' winger to defend against dangerous wing back, or put a dangerous winger to prevent opposite wing back to attack. You choose the second one ;-) Anyway, your article gives me some ideas to improve my tactic. Thank you!
  7. Hi and thanks for your article! I don't understand very well the defense part. If opposition attacks on the right (so your left side or hammer side), who defend? The wing back? Because I suppose the Raumdeuter doesn't participate a lot to defensive work. If opposite team plays with a winger on the right, it could be difficult for your team in transition phases, right?
  8. Ok, but, in this example (Getafe defensive shape), what is the kind of defense? Players are close each other, but in same time don't concede any space in the wide area. That is narrow defensive shape?
  9. Thank you very much for this instructive post. Some simple ideas are are forgotten sometimes... Nevertheless, there is one point that is not clear for me : the width. For a narrow width, the game description is : "concede space in wide areas". But, if I want to play narrow and defend on wide areas (like, for example, Sacchi 4-4-2), is it possible? Thank you!
  10. I agree with this idea. I used Mark specific position with a 5-3-2 formation to make my wing back press the opposition full back. They don't follow the opposite player all time. But only when he have the ball. Thus, the player attributes can impact the behavior on the pitch.
  11. Interesting! I like to see problems and solution. Do you test your ideas? This problem is always a problem of mentality. Not in game mentality but yours. Do you want to let opposite come in your side to better counter? Or be more conservative and more patient when the ball is recovered?
  12. Hi! I made a lot of tests (very much) with my wingbacks and the team to have pendeleffekt (tighter marking, close down more, mark the opposite fullback, replace by defensive winger, change mentality, and so on). 1st : Put them on fullback position is not efficient. They stay back and form a 5 man defensive line. 2nd : no solution idoes want I want. The best I find is : Wingback-Attack with close down much more Center midfielders with Mark tighter to force them stay in the center area + Positive mentality But I neglected an important parameter : the player level and his knowledge of the tactic/duty! I noticed a better behaviour with good level player. Indeed, a good positioning/decision/marking is better! If someone has a better solution I will take it! But I think wingback is the good position.
  13. Hi @MrSloth. Do you mean that put the wing back in a lower position works better? Indeed, in your screeshot, the defensive shape is good. I will try it to see the difference. thanks, happy new year!
  14. Hi @slipperyjohns ! I like this kind of tactic and I played with a 3-5-2 since FM2015. But on this FM2018, I face some difficulties to implement the 'pendeleffekt '. That is to say, my 2 wingbacks do not press the opposite wingback. They both stay back and wait the winger has the ball to press him. So, this is often the Mezzala who press the opposite wingback and It's not what I want. I tried to put both wing back on midfield, but they do not come back when the ball is on the other side. I also tried various instructions without success for now. In your Nagelsmann's tactic, does the pendeleffekt work well? Thanks for your post!
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