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  1. ? I was thinking more about being able to feed him with high balls, regardless off passing style. I'd like the ability to designate an attacking midfielder as your target man. It should be possible to have a short passing style and still be able to hit your target man with high balls
  2. Is there a way to ensure that your fullbacks keep their width when defending crosses? I keep conceding from crosses to the back post due to fullbacks tucking in instead of just staying with their man. The only plus point is that AI teams seem to have the same problem
  3. I miss the ability to designate anybody as your target man, just like I miss being able to choose how that target man is fed.
  4. Maybe the problem isn't so much the roles, more the built in instructions
  5. I'd like to see the game reward you for real tactical knowledge. For example, team shape and mentality should be dictated by team instructions and not the other way round
  6. Why no? I don't think you should be able to play with 2 false nines, let alone 3 or 4
  7. You should only be allowed to select a false 9 if you are playing with one up front. I would also like the ability to select look for the underlap on one side and look for the overlap on the other side
  8. @Jack Joyce @Lucas WeatherbyWhy was the ability to rewind highlights taken away? This is made even more annoying by the high amount of offsides in this year's game and the fact you can longer rewind to see if the decision was correct.
  9. Has anybody else noticed players needing several touches to bring simples balls under control? A lot of the time, players on both sides play as though they've just woke up from a coma. Having just moved from 17 to 18, the difference is like night and day. Play into space in 18 seems to be double speak for lump it in a random direction, regardless of whether there's anybody there or not. It is also annoying how my centre halves keep chasing people into the corners, leaving the keeper and his fellow centre half under real pressure. Is this why a lot of the formations I see on tactics f
  10. No, because most of them weren't close to being offside. In a lot of cases, free kicks are being given despite there being several defenders behind the ball and ahead of the player being called offside
  11. Is there a reason why there are approximately 3 million offsides per match?
  12. Do you mean full match, as in I'd have to watch the whole thing? It also seems to pop up in place of highlights as there are times you're sitting there just watching the stats rise. It reduces some tactical changes to guesswork
  13. How I do I stop the stats screen from constantly popping up and blocking the screen while I'm watching matches?
  14. It's the thing covers the screen with information about player condition and match stats( shots, possession etc). When it comes up you also get a small graphic showing where key events have occurred. It seems to come on in between highlights but the way it covers the screen is annoying because you're not sure if you are missing anything. It reminds me of playing Premier Manager on the PS1 when you couldn't watch the match and you would sit there watching all the stat figures increase. The limited bits of matches that I've seen actually look quite good, which makes the stats screen e
  15. Is there any way to stop that stats screen from popping up every few seconds and blocking the screen? It's so infuriating as I want to watch the game, not read about it The interface is so clunky it reminds me of playing management games on the PlayStation. Why have you made it so difficult to do even the most basic of things?
  16. I notice that a lot of people seem to use wingbacks but I have always preferred complete wingbacks(a). Is there any real difference between between the two? I have also finally got round to buying FM18 and I was wondering if anybody could tell me whether most of the tactics from FM17 still work on FM18? I haven't played any matches yet so I don't know if there's any significant changes to the ME.
  17. I would use that formation against 4-4-2 any time because when your defensive midfielder has the ball, he's got about 20 yards of space due to the fact that, in FM, none of the forwards drop deep to pressure the man in possession. That's why I always use DLP there
  18. Okay, thanks. I wasn't sure as I've only ever used a target man on the rare occasion I have played with 2 forwards.
  19. Hello, does anybody know if a F9 plays like a deep lying forward if you use him in a 2 upfront? I want to try something different
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