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  1. I had this, and it does seem to be a bug, but I found that quitting and then relaunching the game means you're then able to assign those responsibilities again and can continue as you were. No idea if this is going to happen every summer but it's a fairly simple workaround at least.
  2. Thank you @southside_hitmen - will get this looked at (we can only set three nationalities and he already has English/Spanish/Nigerian, so will have to decide which to remove)
  3. Yeah - as Alan has said, this is standard practice for young players for pretty much all mental traits and things like important matches, consistency etc. Apart from in very exceptional cases we just don't have enough of a body of evidence to use to decide either way in these cases (it can be hard enough for senior pros). It won't be changed for release (or at all unless there's a general change of approach) but it won't necessarily randomise as a low number - it's 16 in my beta save for example.
  4. He doesn't have a rating set in the database as it's too early to judge - you've just got unlucky that it's randomly generated as a 3 in your save.
  5. Hi @trickyrikki - Onana's CA has actually decreased since he was moved from Inter (where he was excellent in a team that made the CL Final last season) to United in the database. Always helpful to check facts like that before wheeling out claums of bias. If you think Martinez is underrated then do go ahead and make that argument, but preferably in detail and with more evidence than 'he won the World Cup'.
  6. He does. Not sure why it's displaying twice but should only be a cosmetic issue.
  7. @Eilrahc567 think you're in the wrong place for this one mate, this is the forum for English Premier League data
  8. @roussos All of the U18 squad in real-life are in the game, same as every year
  9. Unless there's a glaring error (like a '2 when it should be 20' typo for example) then what you see now is almost certainly what will be in the release version.
  10. I can't view the screenshot there but can confirm that his wages are set at £300k p/w in the database. Are you using the 'Your World' game mode? I suspect this is because he signed his new contract after game start (on 18/7) - it's not ideal but you should see his wage go up to the correct amount on that date in the game.
  11. Just something to keep in mind - without going too much into how the sausage is made, each researcher is given an upper limit in terms of CA allocation amongst the first team. For the first time in a few seasons we're performing at a level where I have us right at that upper limit. Any significant attribute increase (even a +1 if it's in a highly-weighted attribute for the player's position) means an increase in CA, so either other attributes need to come down or, if the CA is going up, someone else's CA needs to come down in order to balance it out. There are a few players (Rashford and Martinez certainly amongst them) who I would have liked to rated a bit higher, and hopefully if the team continue in the same vein in real life I'll be able to do that come the summer (unfortunately there will always be a bit of a lag when you've got a team that's rapidly improving or declining).
  12. Not sure if you're maybe using an old version of the game but Lawrence's DOB is set as 24/06/05 and has been since the winter update for last year's game.
  13. Done the latter two, will wait and see with Tuanzebe and Williams - with no update due til Feb/March (presumably) can afford to wait and see exactly when it looks like they return.
  14. Not sure how many times 'when the data was locked he'd played ~25 nondescript minutes for the first team this season' needs saying but i'll give it another go.
  15. With all due respect - you replied to my justification for not being able to upgrade Garnacho (the database being locked before he even made his first start for the club) with a comment that I found time to downgrade others, which surely you can see is spectacularly missing the point? I'm not really sure what point you're trying to make by pointing to Maguire and Sancho having attributes decreased. By all means attempt to make the case that they didn't deserve it, but they were very obvious decisions for me, and they were made mid-summer based off 1-2 season's worth of performances, not kneejerk.
  16. What rating would you give him for determination, and what would your justification for that be?
  17. This is a pretty nonsensical statement - you are conflating changes that were made in the summer as part of the main player reassessment exercise with changes people are demanding based off events in the last couple of weeks before the release of the game. I don't disagree that there have been a number of mitigating circumstances that have contributed towards underperformance in recent seasons but it's unrealistic to expect prolonged periods of poor performance (which is the case for the players you have mentioned) to not be reflected in ratings. I really find it pretty staggering that 'a fair few downgrades but few if any upgrades' could be considered a controversial approach after how atrocious last season was. I've seen Dalot mentioned a few times and on current form he'll likely merit an increase in the next update, but this idea he's suddenly a world-beater is a huge overreaction and claiming he's looked 'much better in the past year' is pure revisionism - this time last year he was getting absolutely tortured by Danjuma in one of the most excruciatingly bad full-back displays you'll ever see at the top level, and there was certainly no significant improvement over the course of the season.
  18. Good spot, thank you - will get this changed for the next update.
  19. The database for the release version of the game was locked some time ago, before the start against Sheriff, so my initial response still applies here - you're effectively complaining that we didn't have a crystal ball on the go. He's had a significant CA increase and has a high (and increased) variable PA (expected a fixed high PA at 18yo seems unrealistic?). Expecting more than that based off the situation as it was a few weeks ago doesn't seem grounded in any sort of reality and is really entirely based off games in the last fortnight - unfortunately the database has to lock at some point in advance of release to ensure everything is tested, quality checked etc. Personal view, and the proof will be in the pudding, but I think it's a bit of a failure of imagination to think that if you're managing United in FM that he can't be any use to you in the first season, particularly with 9/12-man benches and five subs per game. Alternatively, there's always the option to use the editors. If this current form is sustained then obviously he will be significantly improved again for the next full data update.
  20. The database for the full release has long since been locked for everything bar major issues like managerial changes etc. Martinez will be significantly improved for the next data update but that won't be tomorrow.
  21. Phelan isn't in the game currently as he is employed at MUFC but not seemingly in a role that is present in FM. Meulensteen should be in there as assistant manager with Australia - i assume he might not appear if a smaller database is chosen at game start?
  22. FM's right and Transfermarkt wrong (as it fairly often is) in this instance - https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/sport/20883398.youngster-returns-southampton-just-weeks-making-chelsea-move/
  23. Garnacho has Spanish second nationality as he was born and raised in Spain.
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