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  1. Or because he's been absolutely outstanding for a long time He doesn't get great ratings in-game for me either to be honest but that's an issue with the way those ratings are calculated I'd imagine. Don't think there's much of a case to be made that his CA/attributes are under par.
  2. rekoor - Very unusual but nothing to do with data - needs posting as a bug.
  3. oneronaldo has pretty accurately reflected my view on your Januzaj/Mata points. There's no hard and fast rule with natural positions but it's not always just what they/we consider their best position. Rating these two as I have I hope means the AI Van Gaal will keep playing them as he generally has, but they are also sufficiently rated in the positions others think they may be best in that they can be played there with no real issues. As for Martial, there are a full set of clauses set for him that would take the transfer fee up to the lofty potential sum widely reported. If they're not showing in the game then that's a problem with the coding or interface and needs raising as a bug.
  4. Let's try and nip discussion about Smalling in the bud (or at least guide it towards more helpful territory)... First - the ratings in the beta are the ratings in the full release. The only things that might get changed for release day are absolutely glaring factual errors (a notable player transferred to the wrong team or something). So what you see is what you'll get until SI decide to release a data update. No idea when that may be, but I wouldn't count on an update with major changes before the post-January patch. Second - If I was asked to review the United data again at this point I would certainly rate Smalling higher than he is now, particularly in CA but probably PA as well. We have to bear in mind that a year or so ago, after his red card in the derby, many people gave up on him and his United career was at a low ebb. He undoubtedly stepped up over the second half of the season, and was improved somewhat, but I was wary of going overboard based on a few months' play. Obviously he's backed that up and got even better over the first few months of this season and I would agree we are beyond 'purple patch of good form' territory - he's looking the real deal and as good as any CB in the league this season. We just don't get the luxury of being able to make major changes in these last weeks before the game comes out. To summarise - if you think Smalling should be improved you're preaching to the converted, but just try to take into consideration why he's rated as he is
  5. Brian McClair in a summer interview (with the fanzine UWS if I remember rightly) confirmed that all affiliations and partnerships had ended and the club were pursuing a different strategy. Google anything enough and you'll find something to support it (particularly these days) but I think that's the most reliable view on the situation.
  6. Both nonsensical and completely unhelpful, this. No specifics given for the attributes that are 'ridiculously low', unsurprisingly given Karl_BD's post shows that is clearly not the case. Some perspective sorely needed here.
  7. Don't think anything's changed from a research point of view. Not sure if the game interprets the data differently this year maybe.
  8. Ah that's good. Wasn't sure if any changes had made it in before the data was locked.
  9. While I'm here - hello The following are known issues (nothing gamebreaking - some oversights on my part, others due to late release of the info by MUFC) that will be fixed ASAP and as such don't need reporting/discussing further: James Wilson - should be 184cm tall Guillermo Varela - should have shirt number 30 George Dorrington - missing Bolton/Newcastle loan spells from last season Indy Boonen's birthplace should be set as Geel Callum Gribbin's birthplace should be set as Salford Zak Dearnley's birthplace should be set as Sheffield Tyrell Warren's d.o.b. should be set as 5.10.98 Marcus Rashford - signed professional contract on 31.10.14, expires 30.6.17
  10. People also need to remember that Martial's profile will have been completed at the end of last season, before he stepped up so impressively to a bigger league, made his France debut etc. Should go without saying that if he keeps performing as he has since joining United, he will be improved accordingly come the final data update, FM17 and so on.
  11. No. The data was locked before that Sunderland game and no player is boosted on the back of one good performance anyway (not that he has had only one good performance).
  12. I'm not from SI, but I believe I'm right in saying there will be. It's a demo, relax.
  13. That isn't what he's saying at all. He's saying that 'jumping' actually means the height a player can reach through the combination of their leap and their actual height. So you will see short people with a great leap getting similar ratings to very tall players without a great leap. Cahill has a terrific leap but because of his height, he's still not going to be able outjump some who's 6'4/6'5 with a good leap of their own.
  14. Come on, where have you got these extra stickers from?