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  1. Cheers. That has only just been announced though so they’re not data issues.
  2. It wasn’t officially confirmed until last night, was it?
  3. Shoretire is too young to be added for FM20 - he’s still an U16 (likewise Omari Forson), even if he’s playing up with the 18s.
  4. The determination needs looking at I agree, but that last statement I can assure you is nonsense on both counts and not really helpful.
  5. I think this a point that often gets overlooked with United - in terms of quality it’s not a horrible squad, it’s just horribly unbalanced and those in charge of transfers have done a horrible job of managing that. I’ve tried to do as best as possible to reflect the squad’s weaknesses (others’ views will differ obviously) but what’s very hard - if not impossible - to do is reflect the boardroom/recruitment mess. It’s obvious to anyone that we needed a central midfielder or three this summer and it didn’t happen, but there’s unfortunately no tick box option for ‘will ignore glaring hole in squad’ so the AI will obviously improve things.
  6. Seeking clarification on this because while Parry is definitely loans manager, the role in the database is ‘Head of Player Development’, which seems to fit Butt’s role well (especially given that Parry has stated/indicated in interviews that Butt plays the key role in deciding who to loan out and what sort of loan they need.
  7. He's only signed very recently (few days before the beta came out) and because he was a free agent for several months he'll need creating from scratch in the database rather than just moving between clubs. He'll be in there when the data is updated before launch.
  8. Imagine not realising certain licensing situations have completely changed this year and are really quite complicated.
  9. No. The data was locked before that Sunderland game and no player is boosted on the back of one good performance anyway (not that he has had only one good performance).
  10. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by mwalker99: the debt the Manchester United have in the game is right but i dont think the financial model can handle such extremeties also i doubt that all the sponsership deals are in place as the Man Utd advertising machine will be churning out the money </div></BLOCKQUOTE> there are some sponsorship deals that i'd love to include in the game but there is just no information on the duration and financial worth of the contract, which possibly means that in-game the club aren't getting all the income they should, so the debt is hitting slightly harder than it really should. there have been four new deals added to the database since the last data update which i hope will help people out a bit. from my experience with the game though, problems with administration are very avoidable and present and interesting (but not too difficult) challenge.
  11. what has this got to do with you as a manager? how much say do you think club managers have over stadium matters or ticket prices? that sort of stuff is best left to fifa manager.
  12. squads for pre-season tours and european away games, in much the same way as you pick a squad for the champions league. stops the unrealistic ability to be able to call up any player from back home to play a friendly in japan at a moment's notice etc. but i'd settle for no new features at all if the match engine and tactical side of the game is significantly improved.
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