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  1. This game has been broke for years and the developers have inadvertently admitted this by releasing the in-game editor - "It's broke, you fix it" The long shot issue is a joke and they blame us for it. "It's you're tactics" Yeah, cause I keep tell them all to keep whacking it from 35 yards and aim for the corner flag. If only they could pass it back and keep possession like I tell them to. I accept the press conferences are supposed to be annoying and boring however, the timing of questions are really strange. In the tunnel before a game - "X player has been placed on the transfer list not by your club or your opponent, what do you think of that" - I couldn't give 2 sh**s, I have a game to play The best one, you've just won 6 - 1. First question "What do you think of the 1 goal they scored?" I couldn't give 2 sh**s, I have just won 6-1. They really need to stop focusing on pointless 3D graphics, for a game that doesn't really need big graphics, bring back the 2D view and start focusing on the important things. Anyone else noticed the early kick off time on a Saturday afternoon in the Premier League? The game has been out for nearly 5 months now, plus the development time and they haven't noticed. Might be a small thing but if they can't get the basics right, what hope do we have?
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