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  1. In my current save I'm playing 4123DM wide. Injuries forced me to play my DC/DM who claim to fame is a BWM. So he got a run in midfield as a job filler as a midfielder - BWM-su. He was brilliant. And still is up in midfield never to return to the backline again. Cause he's got good vision he's a thorn in the opposition's side with never-ending through balls setting up an inside forward or a winger to run onto the ball and tuck it away. He's now my favorite player.
  2. Hi all. "This player can successfully be retrained as a central midfielder." Were I to act on the advice I only know how to select a specific role e.g. Advanced PlayMaker. Can I choose 're-train in CM role' (general - all of 'em)?
  3. I run a similar setup. My knowledge is zilch. However I outsource a of lot coaching consultancy to Coach Google. If you dig enough you'll find the 'skilled FM bloggers' currently tend to lean towards a DLF or CF rather than an F9 this season.
  4. EPL team > young under 23 talent > playing the boys off the firsts bench in the last 30 minutes > Good or not so good for his development to give game time to those who the coach says are 'SkyBet-One' level at present?
  5. Bare with me guys, I'm only a slight notch or two up from a newbie. So far from the above, i'm sticking with 2x IWBs behind two wide attacking wingers. NEXT: A foggy area for me is the DM. I'm quiet partial to 'em and like 'em no matter what role they play. I haven't played FM(17) long enough to know the finer points of each DM role. Yes I can read instruction tags but they all look similar to me apart from the RPM. Cool bloke the DM-RPM but he's all over the pitch like one of those fur-ball doggettes people let off the lease down at the park. I need more time to di
  6. Just thinkin' out loud..... (can't test anything atm.) Should the IWB be behind the winger or the RMD?
  7. More on the tactic. Perhaps a pair Raumdeuters rather than attack wingers? Cannot decide on DM style. DLP-de, HB, DMde or an Anchorman? Who's tried what?
  8. Good point. I didn't test both formations 'clinically' with same crew. There's a lot of influences. Depending on who I play dictates mentality etc. So even the same lad isn't likely to play the same way. Still, this is far more fun than downloading a set'n'forget tactic.
  9. Hi all. After doing some research I am rather taken by the Inverted Wing back style of Guidiola. However I'm in FM17 and need input on the attacking wingers. In the 4123 DM wide formation my wingers are excellent wide-attackers. However the videos I've watched point towards a 4141 with attacking midfield wingers. In the 4123 the wingers don't come back as much as I'd like and the 4141 they don't seem to attack the byline as often. Admittedly I'm still a novice at FM but I'm determined to be a hands-on manager and not a tactic downloader. The APs' and the rest seem to play as
  10. Young guns in my EPL team > coach says he/they are currently Championship standard. Do I loan them out to ECL teams or bring 'em into my EPL squad now? (Down in my regular haunt, the LLMs this doesn't happen. They generally respond better by at home in the senior squad.)
  11. Perhaps the WBs will move north with a HB keeping house. So you get two for one in midfield + setting one WB to IWB may give you more grunt in MF. I find regular DMs are too conservative. And the HB doesn't hang around the CDs when in possession. He goes looking for a biff & pass up towards the midfield. Dye his hair red and watch his movements during a match.
  12. What about a HalfBack as one DM, giving the WBs more grunt and giving you almost a 3-man CD team and then the Regista can ply his trade further up field with a 'dribbles thru center' PPM.?
  13. CLUB DNA - benchmarks for attributes. Vids & blogs cover briefly Attribute DNA and quote reference points for elite players (EPL etc) but how do I establish what's an acceptable DNA number for Vanarama. The guides mention minimums of 12 or 13 attribute scores. Lucky to have a few blokes with just one attribute that high down in the vanarama leagues.
  14. Pre-season : I find I am not manager of my friendly pre-season games. No involvement in the games. What box do I tick or un-tick to put me back in charge and managing my pre-season friendlies?
  15. Hi all. Is there a way to access and edit an assistant manager's preferred formations?
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