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    Senior citizen who has FM 16 on loan and surprisingly impressed with this as a pastime. So much so, I've ordered copy of FM17 from the U.K. Not addicted enough yet to commit to a far more expensive FM18. Already saving my pennies for FM19 though.

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    Wrecking it with Wrexham.
  1. FM17> Formation 4123 or 4231> What midfield role is best for my on-field general who is my ball distributer in possession? And what player traits suit the role that I can train him to do? I'm thinking switch flank, killer balls often. There is also dictates tempo> if time allows for more training do I add dwells on ball?
  2. Sounds like maybe I am only a few tweaks and shuffles away from recovery. Such a fine hair. However from my experience I've yet to find a complete forward nor a Raumdeuter down in Vanarama. Same goes for an RPM. Tell a Vanarama player his duty is to roam and the only shooting he does is off to the pub. What about changing formation? I've got the lads who can re-group as a 442. What will be the outcome of carrying a 442 as a 2nd tactic with the same team instructions (almost). Will it benefit to have two shapes or a one size fitz-all is the best way?
  3. I'm managing Wrexham in the Vanarama National. It's still early in the season - But we were way clear at the start of the season. But are now in serious free-fall. This week I spent too much time chiding most of my team for bulk downward brown arrows in their training reports. Morale is all shades of poor from one end of the pitch to the other. This is the result of trying to wean myself off my addction to plug'n'play download tactics and so skimmed through a few threads here, and settled on a formation. and Tis etc This week was too much for me, blown away by a twitter-storm.... My Assistant Manager keeps telling me to change to 4-4-2 plus tweaks. Unfortunately I'm still heavily under the influence of TTF9 and the rest of the set'n'forget crowd who say don't touch anything. Just send the lads out onto the pitch and take yourself off to the VIP lounge and sip on a latte and watch the match on the big monitor. Maybe I should resign and sign on as an assistant manager for Newport-Pagnell in the United Counties League Premier Division. If they'll have me. Or ask you guys how do i turn this around?
  4. FM17: Coach advisor for selection of team. My dumbest coach is always the one who seems to be pre-selected and to change him to my smartest coach I have to reset the guide-lines every time. How can I set in stone my #1 coach as the team selector?
  5. My BWM(def) takes the field as my Midfielder (centre right) Now keep in mind I'm a novice manager and until now was a set'n'forget pre-fab tactic enthusiast. Now I'm trying to think on the run without training wheels apart from what I glean of advice from the forum's threads. My BWM (def) functions like a DM but he's tends to dwell towards right of center. Since he is my midfield bulldog do I need to adjust somehow when the opposition's star playmaker is e.g. an AMCR or even an MCR ? A bit out of reach for my bulldog yes?
  6. Seen in an older thread things called widgets. See pic. how do i turn these small side widgets on? I have FM17
  7. Thanks Lucas. Such a simple thing to miss. Seems my unenviable FM Managerial skills are beginning to permeate into my real-life.
  8. I have FM17 Special Edition. Just getting around to trying a save via Touch. But Home screen doesn't offer it. Could it be the 'skin' smothering it? It used to be an option offered. This my first effort to access Touch. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong as I'm a newbie?
  9. When one starts a new save you open tactics and on-screen is a blank formation for the Manager to start with. Is this formation just random or is it offered up to best match the current team's skill-set?
  10. Well that answers that. EPL is just a dream. i'm in SkyBet L1. So that moves us onto Plan B. Two CDs. I've noticed that apart from CD-def., plenty of people have their CDs set to CD-stop. So I'm in the Skybet L1 and next season hopefully the Championship what do I set my central defenders to? CD-defend or CD stopper? And the CDs are just average. nothing special.
  11. Thanks ppl. Being in SkyBet L1 I don't a pair Usain Bolts' on the wings. From what I read from everyone's advice is that my midfield concerns will go down as my wingers quality rises.
  12. I've noticed that with my BBM. But I haven't enough experience to feel how each role works. Assuming my DLP-d is fine. Let's fix the BBM. I want the BBM or similar to be forwardish the central cog of the team and involved in the attacks but not over-committed like the front-end mob. Nominate what you blokes think is the best alternative here plz with player match-day instructions. (The joy of using Shadow Strikers at the pointy end is they don't sit on their butts after the attack, rather they scurry back lending a defensive hand.) No..........!!!!!!!! I don't have 5-star heroes. I'm currently in Skybet L1 looking forward to promotion this season.
  13. I play a 4-4-2 'counter/very fluid' as my go-to formation. Resorting to other mentalities only as plan B.In theory I like a CD with short-safer passing + BPD with riskier longer passes to spearhead counter-attacks.But when I browse through back-line formations in tactics posted up in the forum 2 or 3 xCDs are by far the most popular.Why are 2xCDs' dominant over BPD+CD in FM(17) as preferred choice? What is the logic of leaving the BPD on the bench? Should I conform or stick with Plan A?
  14. Recapping on what I've gleaned from above - My BBM-su + DLP-d are fine - no need to change. As for my center-midfielder duo's defensive duties regarding tying up the opposition's mid-field star, rather than swapping sides everytime to put the DLP onto him, if the opposition's play-maker is e.g. a DLP sitting deep then preferably sic the BBM onto him as he's closer. On a side-note - My BBM is my hero and hence very capable. To have the BBM as a 3rd attack/scoring option do I want him to get into the box with the Shadow Strikers or encourage him to shoot from further back? And either way, what traits-skills and instructions will he need to deliver the goals? best, Mactier