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  1. 28000 players are loaded...almost 9 leagues are added and database is high...ie maximum
  2. Not for too long...say 2 hrs then again come back make changes and again go on holiday...never on sleep mode....any solution
  3. Yes logos, skins are run by me...I have not tried this year by removing the skin but last year when same problem occurred had removed them but to no avail It is not a anti virus actually a type of firewall called nashwall Almost all the time I am holidaying
  4. Detailed issue Yes it is the year Further there is no specific point where it gets stuck...randomly if I play for say morning to night once in that period it gets stuck...there is no trend in that....the Same used to happen in fm 17.... Hanging means game stops completely and in manner is operational... Just got to switch off my system...there is nothing like saved game the problem exists...
  5. This happened in fm 17 and same is happening now... after somewhere around 2120 the game keeps hanging where we can't do anything and only way to come out is to restart after switching off the system...what might be the problem and solution... graphic card is absolutely fine
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