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  1. Hi Neil 0 crashes from my sessions yesterday and today since I downloaded version 18.3. Thanks
  2. Hi Neil My understanding is that In order to uninstall and re-install the software I'll have to download the content again from the server. Is this correct or is there a way of reinstalling the software without needing to download everything again? I am unclear on the benefits of this while the disadvantages, occupying my internet connection for some time, are clear. Please help me understand how reinstalling may resolve my problems. I wanted to describe my problems faced in some greater detail, since I completed the last recommendation, removing my anti-virus software and activating Windows Defender in its place as well as their consequences. Yesterday the game froze 10 times. - 7 times after clicking on continue - 3 times while attempting to save I categorize the game as frozen when there is no activity on the screen for 2 > minutes after clicking continue or the save progress bar does not move from its initial location for > 2 minutes. My process for dealing with these issues are the following; 1. CTRL+ALT+DEL and close down FM18 which is generally listed as not responding. 2. Restarting computer since I have noticed that restarting FM18 after it has frozen tends to lead to sluggish 3D match performance as well as sluggish response to in game clicking. 3. Starting steam 4. Starting FM18 5. Reloading last save This generally results in 4 min of lost time from waiting to discover problem, closing it down and restarting everything in addition to 10 - 30 min lost game play time to return to the previous progress point. Very keen to resolve this to improve the game play experience. Thanks
  3. Hi Neil I had previously followed the first recommendation, adding Steam and FM18 (under steam) to the list of software to be excluded by my anti-virus software. I have now removed Avast and activated Windows Defender in its absence. Thanks Emil
  4. Hi Neil Graphics quality settings: 5 stars (under This PC's 3D Graphics Capability in Preferences > Match) Anti-virus program: Avast Free Antivirus Regarding my anti-virus. Upon your recommendation I have added my Steam, and FM18 within steam, directories to paths to be excluded from scanning and shield protection. Are there additional directories, such as the Sports Interactive directory under user/documents which may make sense to add among directories to exclude? I have not applied any customization (logos/graphics/skin) to the game. Reloading the previous save and restarting my laptop got me through the 2nd game smoothly but the game went into "not responding" status in task manager shortly before my 3rd game so I'll re-start v04 again.
  5. Dear Neil Save file uploaded via FTP. Name: Osterlen FF (v02).fm Location: /fm/game-save Some additional information. I'm playing the game via steam, bought and downloaded a few days ago. I re-loaded and continued playing from the save above and got to the next game (around 20-March) but now the actual match progresses extremely slowly. Task manager informs me that the game is staging. I also see what I believe is the game version, noted below. Task manager information: Football Manager 2018 18.2.2f1055984 (staging) This staging condition occurred after a later save which I have also uploaded to your server via FTP. Filename: Osterlen FF (v04).fm Thanks Emil
  6. Hi I've experienced various problems during my most recent campaign including "FM18 not responding", occurring either during a save or after clicking on continue, and "FM18 staging", which generally occurs at the start of games causing them to progress extremely slowly and with choppy graphics. My most recent issue: My game freezes (not responding status in task manager) on the 14-March just after I clicked continue. I am able to move the mouse but am unable to interact with any buttons (browse) on the page. I have included my DxDiag info as I read it could be helpful in another post. I am unable to upload my current save due to space restrictions (save 24MB and max size 9.8MB). Please advice. These problems did not occur during my first short play-through. I have followed the recommendations in the FAQ stage 1 (N/A), stage 2 (done), stage 3 (done), stage 4 (done), stage 5 (currently in progress with this message). I enjoyed the first run through and look forward to your imminent feedback! Emil DxDiag.txt
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