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  1. Is Serge Aurier as bad at taking throw-ins in the game as he is in the real world??? He MUST hold the record for the most fowl throws in a game and career.
  2. It actually won't make much of a difference to anything. Like I said, the clubs with any sense will already have offered their players contracts that are long enough for them to gain UK citizenship. No player is affected until they renew their contract from March 2019. EU players can still come and go right up until March 29th (January 31st realistically) 2019. After then, they are subject to the same regs as non-EU players. What counts is not the country you represent, but where you hold citizenship. Contracts already in force at that point are not affected, so the smart people SHOULD have made sure the contracts were long enough that they either get their use out of the player and then 'bin 'em' or the player gets a UK Passport. As far as Academies go, the majority of players in them have been their since before they were 13. AFAIK, they don't need a permit 'til they're 18 and required to pay Income Tax, by which time they've been here long enough that they're UK citizens (assuming paperwork got done). 'Brexit doesn't restrict foreign players. It restricts immigration and when you consider the number of foreign players compared to total immigration per year, it's a drop in the ocean - even if every professional club in the UK had three squads of 25 (which most don't) you'd still only be talking approx. 10,000 players including the Brits.
  3. In fairness, I'm talking about the real world. I think some of the 'work permit' stuff in the game may be league registration requirements, not actual work permit requirements. As I said in my previous post, a friend of mine actually issues work permits for a living. Players have to renew their work permit every time they renew their contracts, not just when they come to the UK. They get asked the same questions as Average Joe - they have to prove there is a job waiting for them, they are on minimum wage or above and have to show proof. The thing in the game about wages may just be erroneous, or it may be a requirement for EPL registration, but it definitely isn't a work permit requirement for the UK. The 'grandfather' thing.... definitely cobblers. Where your grandfather comes from is only relevant for which country you want to play for. It makes no difference to whether you get a work permit or whether you are granted UK citizenship. To be honest, I think the term 'work permit' is probably being confused for registration requirements, since the Home Office doesn't have a separate set of requirements for footballers- the requireents are the same whether you are street sweeper or footballer.
  4. It won't make a massive difference. Most academies import the foreign players family before the player needs a work permit, and find the parents jobs - work permits for Average Joe aren't that difficult to get; a friend of mine does it for a living and has issued some notable EPL players with their permits. By the time the youth player is old enough to need a work permit, he's been here long enough to have UK citizenship, so doesn't need a permit. If anything, it impacts senior players like Salah, Mane, Firmino, Matip more. ALL non-UK citizens (players, coaches and staff) WILL need work permits when they renew contracts. Salah and Mane may fall foul of their nations rankings(?), Firmino may not have enough international appearances. Joel Matip definitely WON'T get a permit, UNLESS Liverpool renew his contract before March 2019 and they give him one long enough for him to gain UK citizenship - Firmino and Matip currently don't need permits because they're German/EU citizens, whether by residency or marriage (Coutinho is currently gaining Portuguese citizenship, because his wife is Portugese, which will mean he won't then be considered as a non-EU player by the La Liga rules). Basically, the EU players become subject to the same rules as the non-EU ones, so we'll see less international fringe players. I
  5. Just done this with a new 'save'. Still on FM2015 for this one, started unemployed, landed the Newcastle job after Pardew got the boot in first October. Got them from 18th to finish the season in 8th and, as you'd probably expect, the 'fat Cockney b*****d, shafted me when it came to budgets for the new season... anyhoo, Wenger retired, so I applied for the Arsenal job, failed, carried on with 'the Toon', December, we're hovering between 4th and 8th, Arsenal down in 15th bin De Boer and I try for the job again, this time successful. Talk about 'careful what you wish for'... these f***ers are just as lazy as the real thing... got them to 8th after much shouting, a few fines and 'rotting in the reserves' cases, ironically finishing one place above Newcastle, and winning the UEFA Cup (or whatever they call it these days. Now scratching my head about how I'm going to offload that lazy, whiney, overpaid asshole Ozil - some clown gave him a long, big money contract... FM19 suggestion - include the option to hire a hitman!!! Being a Liverpool fan for many decades, my 'style' has always leaned towards the Klopp/Guarfiola way - Shankly and Dalglish (Mk1) actually set up this way, so it's not anything new - and I've actually found to my surprise that Walcott, Wilshere and the Ox have thrived under the intense training, whereas Sanchez has wilted and Ozil... well, less said about him the better. Just in to my first 'summer window' with the Arse. Let the culling begin!
  6. I'd doubt it'll be rubber stamped before the end of this season, so I'd expect it won't appear in FM before FM19.
  7. I've always found my most enjoyable games have been ones where I start unemployed and work my way through. I had a particularly pleasing one a few years ago where I ended up managing Nottingham Forest - and being old enough to remember them winning the European Cup - took them 'back to the heights'. Another that was particularly satisfying was when I worked my way through to the point when SAF retired from Man U and being 'headhunted' - I'm a Liverpool fan - as well as the winning the fans over battle, went on to win the UCL five years in a row AND be undefeated in all competitions for three seasons running, to end up having their new stadium named after me! If I remember correctly, I may have even got my stature to the point where I was able to do 'a Fergire' and demand that my wage was higher than any of the players at the club. Playing as Liverpool, always mega frustrating - too emotionally involved, I guess. It's gotten to the point these days, where I'll actually turn them down.
  8. FFP allows a certain amount of loss. Make the loss, no dividends should be paid.... Italian clubs have a long history of being owned/run by dodgy characters - match fixing, corruption etc. May be this is reflected in the game - isn't AC Milan owned by that dodgy Prime Minster they had a few years back? FWIW, with the UK clubs, if you make a profit, the club gets a tax bill. The trick is to make sure you're close to your wage budget and you spend all your transfer budget. I've been managing Celtic for three seasons, I pretty much ignore finances, except for my afore mentioned budgets, and always end up making a profit. My advice, get a DoF and let him deal with all the financial stuff - contracts, transfers etc, BUT make sure you have it set up so that YOU 'finalise the transfers'. This way, the DoF keeps the money side in order and if he signs a player you don't want, you just don't 'accept' the transfer. To be honest, I give mine the benefit of the doubt most times and everything works out well. Somehow, 'we've' upped the wage bill from 250k a week to 800k a week, the transfer budget has gone from a couple of million to 20 million ish and we have a squad that went from getting knocked out of the UCL at the third qualifier to one that can get to the last 16 - all in three seasons. There's a certain degree of realism, but let's face it, it's all about sussing out how to beat an AI, "at the end of the day".
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