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  1. Hi i cant join my friend after save and quit.. What to do, i can see there is many problems but do you have any solution about that ?
  2. I just bought at new computer, and and a clean install, but inly get 1 star i FM19, how to fix that??
  3. I saw there was an update January 22, but my game is still 19.1.0? what to do?
  4. There is something wrong in the danish leagues, you can now use all 7 substitute? Is this going to be fix soon?
  5. I have the same problem with my strikers and i am playing 4-4-2.. There must be something wrong with the match engine
  6. I have uploaded the file, and i doscover another bug.. In Danish Superliga you can know use all 7 substitut.. Normal is only 3 like other leagues
  7. the money I spent does not match the amount at the bottom, how can you correct it?
  8. My games is crashing all the time, and i do not know what to do? DxDiag.txt
  9. My game i crashing sometimes when i'm in a match, with no warning?? Hope your gonna fix this in the next FM19 I have the newest gfx driver..
  10. I can see that, there is a difference with the cost.. I just want to understand it.
  11. thats bad, i only want the players with the best potiential, i think the will do better than players who has potiential within 20 points lower..
  12. I dont understand why a player like Aboubakar Kieta gets lower recommendation (69) when He's Potientoal is 142 When a player like Sammy Skytte gets (82) in recommendation when he's potiential is 124 only? Someone know why the Recommendations system is like that, even when i have a scout i PE with 20
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