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  1. I just bought at new computer, and and a clean install, but inly get 1 star i FM19, how to fix that??
  2. I saw there was an update January 22, but my game is still 19.1.0? what to do?
  3. There is something wrong in the danish leagues, you can now use all 7 substitute? Is this going to be fix soon?
  4. I have the same problem with my strikers and i am playing 4-4-2.. There must be something wrong with the match engine
  5. My games is crashing all the time, and i do not know what to do? DxDiag.txt
  6. My game i crashing sometimes when i'm in a match, with no warning?? Hope your gonna fix this in the next FM19 I have the newest gfx driver..
  7. I can see that, there is a difference with the cost.. I just want to understand it.
  8. thats bad, i only want the players with the best potiential, i think the will do better than players who has potiential within 20 points lower..
  9. I dont understand why a player like Aboubakar Kieta gets lower recommendation (69) when He's Potientoal is 142 When a player like Sammy Skytte gets (82) in recommendation when he's potiential is 124 only? Someone know why the Recommendations system is like that, even when i have a scout i PE with 20
  10. Tried all that.. And then it still crash.. How can it be that so many have the same problems.. Something is wrong with FM18 never tried this before.. still the same issue
  11. My game is crashed when i played match about 1 or 2 times everyday randomly. Even when i have Geforce 1080ti i only get 1 star graphic. also i play on my older laptop thats get 3 star with lower graphiccard, and i never crash.. There must be something wrong with this FM18, first time ever i have so many problems.. DxDiag.txt
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