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  1. Hi first I play as the lowest manager rank.. And I play as my favorite team AaB (Denmark) I always start good with them with different tactic.. But after the pause in the mid game I start playing bad also against the worst team in my league.. The opponent is closing down from my attacking and is har to get in the last box.. I usually have 3 tactic to play with with minor tweaks sometime. I have tried this 15 times over the past month to understand why, its go so bad after the mid season and the final 10 games.. Any tips? Thanks
  2. Yes steam is auto updating.. And the lastest game driver is up to date also..
  3. My game crash every time after exit, i can still save game. but when typing exit it crash. This game has been out for many months now, and still no fix?
  4. There is something wrong in the danish leagues, you can now use all 7 substitute? Is this going to be fix soon?
  5. I have the same problem with my strikers and i am playing 4-4-2.. There must be something wrong with the match engine
  6. I can see that, there is a difference with the cost.. I just want to understand it.
  7. thats bad, i only want the players with the best potiential, i think the will do better than players who has potiential within 20 points lower..
  8. I dont understand why a player like Aboubakar Kieta gets lower recommendation (69) when He's Potientoal is 142 When a player like Sammy Skytte gets (82) in recommendation when he's potiential is 124 only? Someone know why the Recommendations system is like that, even when i have a scout i PE with 20
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