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  1. How about the ability to become a reserve manager? FM already allows you to delegate your reserves to your own ass. man (generally useless at everything, however this has been mentioned countless times.) If you're a prominent manager in a lower league, then its quite plausible that a bigger club could hire you to look after the reserves. Since all you're doing is picking a team, albeit not the top team, I don't think would be difficult to implement. Some nice features might be to be able to recommend players to the club's manager either to sign or to promote from your reserve team. This would create some interesting decisions on career options. Is it better for a manager's career and profile to be assistant manager at say, Liverpool than manager of Hartlepool for example? I'm thinking of the situation at Leicester a few years back where they signed Micky Adams as assistant to the experienced Dave Bassett as I write this. Although I think SI enabled Under 21 management at International level, I don't think being hired to look after a reserve (or U18 for that matter) side has been implemented yet. Correct me if I'm wrong. Also, it might force SI to look at the role of the assistant in general, which,as has been previously noted, is of little benefit to the FM player as it stands.
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