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  1. Hi Neil I've tried to do these steps. On step 1 I had an error message which I have attached a screen shot for. This might give some insight to what the problem is. I've installed a registry cleaner as suggested but it didn't do anything. I've done the other steps except no 2. I wouldn't know if I was doing something wrong by manually altering registry. No 7 has been done before and 10 I have already been done.
  2. Hi Neil I've uninstalled Avast and then I uninstalled Football Manager and Steam. Then I resinstalled Steam and Football Manager. I got this dump file when it was loading. FM 2018 v18.3.1.1071766 (2018.03.12 20.03.40).dmp
  3. Hi Neil I have uninstalled fm18 and the catalyst installer via control panel. I've uninstalled the intel and amd graphics card via device manager. Upon reinstall I've reinstalled fm 18. Windows has installed the intel graphics but not the main graphics card. I can start the game up but once the game loads gameplay is very very slow.40 minutes to play 1 game. Once the graphics card driver is loaded again it doesn't work. I therefore think it's a graphics card update or steam. I've reinstalled fm 17 and have the same problem. Can't play either game. The last time I could play was mid February. Was there any updates around then? Thanks Phill
  4. Yes I uninstalled the Catalyst Control Center in control panel and I went into device manager to remove the AMD and Intel Drivers. When the laptop restarted Windows update downloaded the drivers again and reinstalled everything.
  5. Hi Neil I've unistalled both the graphics card and the intel graphics, restarted and then windows reinstalled them. The game still won't load. It goes through some of the pictures on the load then it stops.
  6. I've had the game since December and it has run with no problems. Since last week I can't play the game. The game won't launch and an error message comes up. game (stagging). I had done 2 seasons up to now. I've tried uninstalling the anitvirus. Can you help please? DxDiag.txt FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.24 19.30.20).dmp
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