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  1. Hi Felix, I have completed all three steps and it did not help, last names have stayed the same - incorrect. Is there any other potential solution of the problem? Could the fact that the save game is in the cloud change anything or the fact that AV is on?
  2. Hi, Any updates on how I can fix my issue? Is there any chance that I can have correct names in the database while continuing the game? I have attempted with adding additional league but that did not help.
  3. Hi Neil, Yes, I do have AV and it is AVG Free Version. Computer has been scanned in the morning when the issue has occurred, but not while the game was opened. I ran the game after the scan was completed. As for the backups, they also have the same issue. Best,
  4. -I have experienced this problem today after I have saved a game that I have been playing with Everton. Everything was ok and after restarting the game, last names were changed. -I have continued playing for several matches and hoping that the last names would revert to correct ones, but that was not what happened. First name of the players are correct, pictures (of the ones that do have them) have stayed the same, but the last names of both staff, players and myself as a manager have been altered. -Below are few screenshots: -And as I said, even my last name is changed to my e-mail with which I am registered to Steam: -Save game has been uploaded to your FTP under the name AsimSpahic-changed_last_names.fm -Please advise how this issue can be fixed since my last auto-save is from the beginning of the season, and I would prefer not to start the season all over again. -At your disposal if anything else is required.
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