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  1. Fuss, are all of your tactics post patch? I'm using V2 pre-patch and while I'm having success, my targetman Luca Toni is pathetic (never thought I wold say that.) He has 7 goals in 24 appearances. I feel like I make the adequate tweaks and changes, but I just cannot get my offense rolling. I'm winning mind you but usually do to a penalty that allows me to win 2-1 or 1-0. Any suggestions...thanks.
  2. I'm using V2 of the tactic as I've been scared off of using V3 and downloading the patch due to all the negative comments I saw concerning the patch. I'm playing with Fiorentina and haven't lost a game yet (9 wins and 4 draws thank you) but my offense is woefully inept. Horrific actually and I have Toni for a target man. I make tweaks when needed and scored 3 goals in one half once to come back and win a game but other than that my attack absolutely sucks! Any suggestions whatsoever? Thanks
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