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  1. Hey Guys, I am a long time FM player. I can’t seem to find this one screen that I heavily used. This was still there in fm 17. After you start a match, but it was before the game actually started. So when you give the pep talk and opposition instructions. There was a screen, I believe it was called assistant manager report. A member of your staff would tell you how some players Were doing. So during a winning streak, a few players would be overconfident and believe the game was won before it started. Also, new players would feel uncomfortable for the first few months. If a player didn’t s
  2. Anybody else having problems with this. I just finished my 3rd full season. Was in champions league and so far, I have not scored a single free kick goal or have had one scored vs me in all 3 season. I’m playing in England premier league all 3 season. So have those amazing players against me. Also, 1 full season in champions league losing in feb in first playoff game round of 16 vs PSG. So all those amazing champions league players and still no free kick goal.
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