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  1. I don't do anything special. I just bought the best players available, they do the rest (:
  2. Best player of the game is Haaland for sure. I already love him since FM 20 and this year he is nothing less. Anybody who can afford him, don't miss him. He scored 37 goals in 30 games in his first season and the season isn't over yet. Never played him in the EL because I want him to be fit to win the Premiership. Szoboszlai, Merih Demiral and Donnarumma comes after him for me. Don't know who's the fifth one (:
  3. Got Donnarumma on free transfer, sent my DoF for Szoboszlai and brought Haaland for whatever it takes. Now I'm going for the Premiership. Update on Haaland:
  4. Liverpool got him for 203 million € in 2023 in my Arsenal save
  5. My 5th season ends. Losing against ten men Man City at home from 1-0 up cost me the league title. Haaland's record: Overview of the fifth season: Top moment of the season. We had been waiting this for so long:
  6. His off the ball is pretty **** as an attacking player
  7. He scored 25 goals in 25 games so far in the league. PSG interested in him in my save. After the interest of PSG, he wanted me to renew his contract which I refused. I'd expect him to be unhappy but after the conversation we had, he said that he understands me. And are news every week saying Haaland will join PSG. Neymar, Marquinhos saying Haaland should join PSG. Now I'm declaring my interested to buy Neymar and Marquinhos Making transfer bids to PSG players who says Haaland should join PSG. That's my revenge. We and Liverpool are in a different league than others.
  8. Finished my 3rd season. In my first season I lost in the Europa League final against Lazio. In my second season, I won the FA cup; but Liverpool defeated me in the Champions League Final. In the beginning of the 3rd season, I won the Community Shield. 1st season: 2nd season: 3rd season: Transfer history: 1st season: 2nd season: 3rd season: My formation: Erling Haaland is absolutely a beast:
  9. I'm playing with Arsenal and in my second pre-season PSG made an offer for Lacazette and Lacazette wanted to join them; therefore I sold him. I don't think to renew with Aubameyang so I need a new striker. Kane is transfer listed and Haaland has a release clause to activate. Which one is better choice for you? Kane (transfer listed for 81m €): Haaland (75m € release clause):
  10. Just finished my first season. Here is my schedule: After mid December, something happened to my team and I started to winning almost all games until mid March. That helped me to climb up to the UCL spot. Here's what I achieved in my first season. I was clearly better team than Lazio, yet we fail to win the game. I also outplayed Leicester in the FA Cup semi final, yet I lost it. Here is my first season transfers: Player profiles: My second season's transfers are Leroy Sane (City tran
  11. Worth every penny I think. In my save, Man City signed him for €240 million in 2022.
  12. I'm managing my local team Holstein Kiel and somehow I promoted to Bundesliga in my first season. I'll make an edit about my first season. For now I just wanted to say that Mason Greenwood is hell of a player so far for my 2nd season. He scored a goal in his first Bundesliga game and didn't score for 3 games in a row and played really bad. Then I changed my formation from 4-3-2-1 to Diamond 4-4-2 and he started banging. He scored 2 goals against Bayern and keep that in mind I'm a newcomer to this Bundesliga!
  13. I was playing with Schalke 04 so I have no idea. The league has no foreign limits.
  14. I'm still thinking. I like Bundesliga because there is no foreign limit and the league is contentious. But I'm still angry with the Schalke board lol. What would you suggest?
  15. Depends on team's budget, I'd recommend some Argentinians who has transfer fees around €4-6 million. - Fausto Vera - Agustin Almendra - Agustin Obando - Thiago Almada
  16. I started with Schalke 04 and played 2 seasons. -I signed many Argentinian youngsters unintentionally. First was Thiago Almada. I was playing 4 2 3 1 and Almada was playing as attacking midfielder (support). He contributed 5+ goals and 5+ assists in his first season. His second season, he scored 9 goals and assisted 11 in the Bundesliga. I was really happy with his performances and he had been developed really really well. If he was playing for a team who is bigger than Schalke 04 (Bayern or Barcelona etc) he would worth €50+ million for sure. - Second one was Fausto Vera. He
  17. Messi's FK taking must be 20 and his long shots can be 19
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