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  1. It's not a constant, but when I say to a player who hasn't impressed me in training/development that I will transfer list him, they occasionally end up being loan-listed, not transfer listed.
  2. I clicked on the button at the bottom of the match report summary - View Highlights > Goals. At some point I saved the match because I was proud of the performance, but I can't remember at what time I did that, whether it was before or after watching the highlights. After I started to continue the game, it became unresponsive, but I'm not sure whether that was before or after I used cmd-tab to flick out of the game.
  3. After 30 minutes of continuous non-movement, I had to close the game. I am livid.
  4. Same thing has just happened to me. Just destroyed Brighton 9-0,with Haaland scoring 7 goals, and decided to watch the highlights for the first time in my life. So pissed right now.
  5. Just watched the highlights of a game I won 9-0 with Erling Haaland scoring 7 goals, and the game won't progress. It's stuck on the processing screen. The cursor is black, not white, so I can't interact with the Browse button. I never watch highlights because there's nothing for me in there, but this time after such a comprehensive victory, I wanted to. It just stays stuck on this screen.
  6. I signed Jadon Sancho for £80m in July 2021. While I understand the point that I haven't promoted this particular player from one of my youth teams, as he is 21 years old he would still be classed as a young player.
  7. I signed Erling Haaland in June 2021, as would any sane manager who could afford him. I've noticed a bug where his international appearances have accumulated from the previous season in his history. It's correctly not on his profile.
  8. After offering a custom fee, the dropdown box doesn't go away which makes the rest of the negotiations awkward. Please resolve!!
  9. I've always found the keeping to be really weird. World-class goalkeepers keeping less clean sheets than relegation strugglers (even though you're top of the league) and their rating is *always* out-done by the opposition (unless the opposition keeper makes a howler). It always happens that if the opposition have one or two or three attempts on goal, they *will* score a minimum of one goal, even if your keeper is the best in the game, with the best defenders, playing defensively sound tactics. Even if their concentration is 15 and composure is 18. So frustrating.
  10. I've threatened a couple of players with putting them on the transfer list if they don't improve in training, and the conversation goes down the route of "threaten with loan list". It's happened a few times, but not every time.
  11. I absolutely hate seeing my sub keeper come on as centre-half when I dragged the backup centre-back on. Infuriates the hell out of me.
  12. Looking at Liverpool's players, they don't have the milestone of EPL champions
  13. I'm 6 points clear at the top of the table, but in my dressing room, I have the option to say to my team "We can potentially drop out of qualification spots if we fail to get a point here, so go out there and impress me", and a couple of players get motivated if I choose it. Is this speech prompt supposed to be there, are my players a bit dim, or is it there to keep me on my toes?!
  14. I decided to go with blocks of prestige combined with location. Eastern Europe isn't exactly seen as a "sexy" destination for footballers. Then it goes into Scandinavia, Central Europe (and Israel), the Home Nations, before really getting into the prestigious leagues. I probably should've put the Home Nations above Scandinavia because of the lower prestige though.
  15. Your aim is to climb the echelons of the European football pyramid, starting in a foreign country. Start unemployed, no badges, Sunday League footballer, and introduce and remove different leagues in phases. So you start with all leagues as playable in Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Rep, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine. You also need England as a viewable league. As you have zero experience, you will find your first job in a lower league, when you get to the top league and stay there for a couple of seasons, start switching nations out
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