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  1. @RexEverything try downloading the Klaassen patch for the San Marino league. That's the only way that I can think of to increase your chances, but like @Lewis89says, I've only known people to start the challenge from scratch, and not mid-game. @robredo87 thanks dude. there are definitely better strikers out there, but no better Sammarinese strikers!! He fits well into my ethos as well, so that's a plus!! These three are the highest potential Sammarinese players that I have (and for the whole National Team). Maurizio Albani Enrico Reggini Federico Nanni
  2. 4th June 2023 The season is over, and we secured second with a game to spare. Lazio won their game after we won 3-0, and won the Scudetto based on the scores between us; 0-0 and a 2-1 loss. I'm mighty proud of how our team has played. Mason Mount was ridiculously good for us, and Maurizio Albani finally found his shooting boots this season. The challenge for next season is sustaining our upward momentum, and getting the right players in so that we can balance the league, the Champions Cup and, this year I'm actually going for it, the Italian Cup. I'm looking to strengthen a couple of key positions. Even though Grabara has been a great servant over the last two years, with Fiorentina in turmoil for the majority of the campaign (they didn't win in the league until January. Still finished 13th!!) I managed to get Lafont for £2.5m. He's a significant upgrade, even if I do feel badly considering Grabara kept 28 clean sheets this season. Hey, when a player of his calibre is available for pittance, you go for him!! In fairness, we have a fair amount of decent youth in the squad, so I'll be throwing them in for plenty of game time next season, especially as we don't have a huge transfer budget. Stand out players this term (all comps): Mason Mount, MCL, 49 apps, 20 goals, 13 assists, 89% pass success rate at 59.3 passes per match, 94% tackle rate with 1.64 tackles per match, 6 POM's at 7.35 John Kitolano, DL, 46 apps, 1 goal, 5 assists, 93% tackle rate at 1.82 tackles per match, 84% pass success rate, 3 POM's at 7.30 Samir, DCL, 45 apps, 2 goals, 90% tackle rate at 1.33 tackles per match, 87% pass success rate, 5 POM's at 7.26 Curtis Jones, MCL on loan from Liverpool, 47 apps, 17 goals, 7 assists, 89% pass success rate at 69.4 passes per match, 92% tackle rate at 1.09 tackles per match, 7 POM's at 7.22 Nicola Gaeta, DR, 53 apps, 3 assists, 91% tackle rate at 1.86 tackles per match, 83% pass success rate, 2 POM's at 7.18 And an honourable mention to Maurizio Albani. 49 apps, 24 goals, of which 17 of those were in the league. Not bad for our 19 year old prodigy.
  3. 21st May 2023 Champions Cup, here we come!! We're guaranteed a spot in the Champions Cup, but there's still an outside chance of us lifting the Scudetto. Lazio have taken two points from their last three games, which is good news for us. We're still three points behind them with two games left. Here's to hoping!!
  4. So, I have a player who I've spent the better part of a season trying to train as DM- Deep-Lying Playmaker Support. He is a natural CM, and he has reached Accomplished at DM, and I want to develop him more as a CM as a Deep-Lying Playmaker Support as that's where he'll play for me. The problem that I'm having is that every time I sim a day, his Position/Role/Duty resets to DM-Playing position. It's frustrating because his training and development has suffered because I can't praise/criticise his performance as I'd like/need to. How can I solve this problem??
  5. I always found playing as Liverpool that my goalkeepers didn't develop as much because I'd win a lot of matches by one or two goals, and because my keeper wasn't as involved in the match. That would always give me around 6.7/6.8 average rating for them, which is quite a low average for development. in terms of match performance, there's not much that you can do, except having a shakier defence, and if you keep a lot of clean sheets, a better keeper. In terms of training, you need to have really high standards in terms of facilities, staff and development. Facilities and staff are pretty easy to figure out, but in terms of development, I find anyone training at less than 7.5 needs criticising, but you also need to pay attention as to what their training report says about their development, and have the corresponding chat with them about it.
  6. 8th May 2023 6 games left in the season It looks like it could be a proper shootout, but I think that Lazio are the favourites. 6 points clear with two games in hand is remarkable. We've done really well this term, and being in third so late in the season is a brilliant achievement, but we've been so inconsistent the last three months. Juventus have really fallen off a cliff this year. They're in 7th, and have lost 9 games in the league. It's been refreshing, especially as they've won the league 11 years in a row.
  7. I believe that you have to be added by @rycl77for that. Looking to be added to the Hall of Fame myself!!
  8. 14th March 2023 It's youth intake day, and it's a bit upsetting. We do have a fairly decent prospect in Alessandro Nanni, but he is Italian, and not Sammarinese, or even dual nationality, which is no good for the San Marino national team. In other news... Due to the World Cup being in November this year, there was only one Knockout game in the Euro Cup second round. We drew 0-0 against Everton, and went out on penalties. It's such a shame as Patrick Vieira was goading us, and I wanted to shove it down his throat (especially being a huge Liverpool fan personally!!), but as soon as it came to penalties, we were doomed. We're awful at them. All time leading San Marino goalscorer Nicola Nanni (11 goals) has decided to retire from football. He had been without a club for three years, but was still better than most players in the San Marino League!! It does mean that our Albani is currently unopposed to claim that prestigious honour; he's 19 years old, with 7 international goals. It's surely just a matter of time...
  9. 1st January 2023 16 games played and 2nd in the league. Things are going really well for us, but I'm sure that they won't last. We've only played five games of our Euro Cup campaign (stupid World Cup in November), and that's our next match. We started off the season ridiculously well in defence, and in October we were just excellent. Mason Mount, Curtis Jones (still on loan from Liverpool) and Maurizio Albani have just been scoring plenty for fun. Stand-out players so far (all comps): Samir, DCL, 26 apps, 2 goals, 100% tackle rate at 1.27 per match, 88% pass success rate, 5 POM's at 7.36 Curtis Jones, MCR on loan from Liverpool, 23 apps, 9 goals, 3 assists, 90% pass success rate, 5 POM's at 7.35 Mason Mount, MCL, 25 apps, 10 goals, 8 assists, 90% pass success rate, 93% tackle rate at 1.14 per match, 3 POM's at 7.34 John Kitolano, DL, 24 apps, 2 assists, 90% tackle rate at 1.82 per match, 83% pass success rate, 1 POM at 7.25 Nicola Gaeta, DR, 27 apps, 1 assist, 94% tackle rate at 1.84 per match, 85% pass success rate, 1 POM at 7.24.
  10. 2nd November 2022 Federico Nanni has been called up to the senior San Marino National Team. It's almost like it's beginning to take shape; one striker at Serie B level, one centre midfielder at Serie B level, and one centre midfielder at Serie C level, and all under 20 so have plenty of room to progress. Still plenty of a ways to go though. I'm hoping to complete my achievements in Serie A quite quickly so I can have some fun in the San Marino domestic league. 4th December 2022 Maurizio Albani. Nominated for European Golden Boy?! He'll never win it, but kudos to the kid for earning that recognition.
  11. 2nd September 2022 Andy Selva, RIP. His long standing record of 8 international goals is broken, but unfortunately not by a San Marino player, but Nicola Nanni. All bets are off, but I foresee Albani overtaking him in the future. The National Team looks pretty shabby, but is actually performing quite well. Albani and Reggini are mainstays, and Nicola Nanni is scoring plenty of goals (grr), and I'm sure it won't be too long until Federico Nanni (from the last youth intake) will be starting next to Reggini in the middle for La Serenissima.
  12. 26th August 2022 We managed to navigate Young Boys easily, winning 4-0 on aggregate. Now our next challenge is making our way through a group that consists of Ajax, AEK and Rosenberg. Looking at the teams drawn in our group, I'm quietly confident of our chances. Ajax are a good team, and will be our main threat in this group. They've got Matija Nastasic at the back, and David Neres on the wing, so they've got some class acts in their squad. Rosenberg shouldn't prove a huge threat, and the same for AEK. I'm hoping/expecting for us to finish second in the group, but if we show up against Ajax, could we top it?? I sure hope so.
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