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  1. GROUP STAGE!! We managed to beat Legia 2-1 over two legs, grinding out a 1-0 win at home in the first leg with a stunning defensive display, and then getting a goal in extra time to draw away 1-1. We’ve been drawn with Sassuolo, Hertha BSC and LOSC, which is as tough a draw as we could’ve picked. We’re not going to get anywhere in the competition, but we obviously want to make ourselves proud. If we can get one win, that will help our coefficients and our reputation.
  2. @Lewis89 I’ve played the first season as Libertas (I’m still struggling with internet), and I managed to go the whole season undefeated, even while my strikers were tosh. Playing so defensively for so many years really boosted my defense coaching stats; we conceded less than 10 goals all season, and never more than one in a match. We won the league and the San Marino cup as well. Unfortunately, even having a World Class reputation manager was not enough to boost the league’s rep at all, and we are ranked at 131st in league rankings, the same as when I joined. All teams in the league are Semi-Professional, with the exception of Domagnano, La Fiorita and Folgore who are Professsional. I’ve been asking for months, but “people love to root for the underdog”. So, we went into the Champions Cup at the Champions First Qualifying Round. We beat Hapoel Be’er Sheva over two legs (2-0, 1-1), Djurgardens in the next (1-1, 1-1 won on pens), but then lost to Dundalk (1-1, 0-2) to drop us into the Euro Cup qualifiers where we face Legia. Even if we don’t beat them, I’ll be happy. We’ve lost one game in 6 in Europe, so that would raise our reputation, especially as we had three games on tv. But, if we make the group stages of Europe, that will really boost the reputation of Libertas, and the league by association. All I need is the initial push to get the ball rolling!! In terms of our facilities, we’ve got a decent setup. It’s not amazing, but at the end of the day, we’re unknown in an poor quality competition. The thing that’s helping is that we’ve banked a load of money and can’t spend it. Our ground is crap but I don’t want to ask for a new one yet while our reputation is so low, and our training facilities need upgrading but the owners won’t even entertain that yet, probably because we only train part-time. I’m focussing on the youth coaching and investment as that happens each year, and the San Marino domestic league has a maximum of 7 foreign players in the match day squad, and Italian players are foreign. Still have lots to do, but it’s all about Europe now, and turning professional.
  3. 28th October 2024 And the plaudits keep on coming. 20 years old, and already San Marino’s top national scorer of all time, and now the leading scorer for San Marino Calcio. He’s just turned 21. If he continues at the rate he’s going, he’ll be a certifiable legend. 18th January 2025 Completely forgot to do my yearly update on the 1st, so it’s two game-weeks late. We’re top of the league, and leading by quite a distance. It’s remarkable just how solid we are defensively. We’ve conceded 9 goals in 20 games with 11 clean sheets. Brewster has been outstanding as Raumdeuter on the right, and his partnership with Adjapong has been vital. We’re 11 points clear at the top, and it’s exciting for us. We’re also through in the Champions Cup. We topped the group with a game to spare, so I let the kids loose against OL. They lost, but it was able to get them some match experience and rest our key players. Stand out players so far: Rhian Brewster, AMR, 23 apps, 6 goals, 5 assists, 2.13 dribbles per match, 4 POM’s at 7.23 Samir, DCL, 25 apps, 2 goals, 91% tackle rate with 1.16 tackles per match, 86% pass success rate, 2 POM’s at 7.22 Moritz Grab, AML, 23 apps, 8 goals, 5 assists, 1.54 dribbles per match, 81% pass success rate, 5 POM’s at 7.21 Claud Adjapong, DR, 24 apps, 1 goal, 3 assists, 90% tackle rate with 2.21 tackles per match, 4 POM’s at 7.16 Mason Mount, MCL, 23 apps, 6 goals, 4 assists, 90% pass success rate, 83% tackle rate with 1.93 tackles per match, 2 POM’s at 7.10 7th March 2025 - Youth Intake Day A hugely disappointing youth intake this year. The best prospect is potentially average, and the next best is potentially below average, and they’re both Italian. If they were Sammarinese, that would’ve softened the blow a bit more, but overall I’m rather underwhelmed. 24th April 2025 - 21.00 Our first Italian Cup Final. We’re playing against Roma. We haven’t been playing very well lately (even though we trounced Cagliari 6-1 in our last match) so I’m quite apprehensive about our chances. Let’s just go out there and see what we can do!! 24th April 2025 - 23.00 Winners!! A clinical 2-1 win has seen us lift our maiden Italian Cup. And, I’ve decided that at the end of the season, I’ll be handing in my notice. We won the league last year and we’re sitting at the top of the tree this year. I can chalk off winning the league and the cup in Italy, and even though every team is a million miles away, we can win the Champions League with a San Marino domestic team. Besides. The earlier I can improve the San Marino league reputation, the earlier I can improve the National Team. 4th May 2025 CHAMPIONS!! We’d played on Saturday 2nd May 2025, and were 12 points clear over Lazio who had 4 games left to play. Genoa managed to stun Lazio, winning 2-1, making us proud champions for the second successive season. And with that Scudetto in the bag, I have tended my resignation. We’ve done the Double and are not in Europe, so there’s nothing more to play for this season, and with that in mind, I’ll be moving onto pastures new. I’ll be on the hunt for a Sammarinese domestic team to take over. It’s going to be a huge challenge to make a San Marino league team a European titan, and I may need to upgrade a few teams in order to increase the league’s credibility but I’m going to be driving them as hard as I can to be the pinnacle of football. My theory is that by increasing the league’s reputation overall, that will increase the quality of players coming into the clubs. 25th May 2025 We were so far ahead in the league that it just became a matter of when we’d be champions than if. We had some absolute superstars this season. Stand-out players this season: Mason Mount, MCL, 46 apps, 19 goals, 10 assists, 88% pass success rate, 83% tackle rate with 2.26 tackles per match, 5 POM’s at 7.25 Rhian Brewster, AMR, 42 apps, 12 goals, 12 assists, 24 chances created, 8 POM’s at 7.22 Samir, DCL, 48 apps, 4 goals, 90% tackle rate with 1.12 tackles per match, 85% pass success rate, 2 POM’s at 7.18 Moritz Grab, AML, 45 apps, 10 goals, 9 assists, 21 chances created, 6 POM’s at 7.16 John Kitolano, DL, 37 apps, 3 assists, 80% tackle rate with 1.53 tackles per match, 83% pass success rate, 4 POM’s at 7.09 Notable mention to Maurizio Albani again. 42 apps and 19 goals. Just shy of a goal every other game. 4th June 2025 Following an interview, I’ve been unveiled as the Manager of Libertas. The team is in a bit of a sorry state but it’s exactly what I was expecting. I’ve been given a transfer budget of £1m, which is far above what I was expecting. It’s exciting in terms of money, but I will need to find some good players who will want to drop into a lower reputation league. Hopefully my World Class reputation will entice some people to join my revolution.
  4. It seems that I’ve left off my transfers. I’m delighted with my transfers this window. Daniel Arzani, for £20m to Arsenal was just too good to turn down. They initially offered my £12m, and I thought they’d run when I countered for £20m, but they just accepted it. Spot on!! Kristian Riis played pretty well for me, but after he got injured and lost his place to Raffaele Poli he started to get frustrated with a lack of games. Managed to sell him to West Brom for £7.5m. The second centre-back they’ve bought from me in two seasons. They’ve got problems.. Francesco Cassata got wind that Inter were interested in him, and after I told him that I wanted £20m for him, he began to make some noises. Managed to get £14.25m upfront, and £5m in potential add-ons. Raffaele Poli was on loan with an optional future fee of £10m. I took advantage of that as he played pretty well for me, and he’s only 20. Bargain. Rhian Brewster decided to run down his contract, and so I brought him in to the club. He’s a great prospect, even though he’s now 24, but I’m hoping to push him into the higher echelons. He’s good, but could get even better. Claud Adjapong is my new right back. It was the position that I desperately needed to upgrade moste, and so I did. He’s 26, Italian, in his prime years, and I think that £15.5m was a steal for him. Alessandro Rossi went down with Verona, so I managed to get him for £3.4m due to a relegation release clause. He’s my back-up striker (even though he’s actually better than Albani, he won’t get in my starting XI). The fans are disappointed that I’ve bought a striker who was relegated, but he did get 12 league goals for them, which is acceptable. Especially for £3.4m. Matteo Gabbia was running down his contract with Milan, and refused to speak with me, until I put in a formal bid for him. I managed to steal him away from Inter, Lazio and Sassuolo by bidding for him instead of waiting. £1.4m was a small price to pay for piece of mind. He’ll be warming my bench as rotational DM. I’m trying out a 4-3-3 with 3CMs and two wide-men, so he won’t have a regular place for now.
  5. Huge mega update. I've just moved house and have had awful internet issues. 1st January 2024 Crashed out of the cup at the first hurdle. Yet again another late late goal consigned us to defeat. Really need to find a way to increase the teams concentration; the amount of last minute goals we concede is ludicrous. We’ve been very inconsistent this year, and it’s frustrating watch. We’ve thrown away so many points from winning positions, we could be points clear at the top. Maurizio Albani has picked up from where he left off last season, getting a goal every other game. Stand-out players so far: Maurizio Albani, ST, 23 apps, 10 goals, 4 assists, 81% pass success rate, 1 POM at 7.23 Kristian Riis, DCR, 12 apps, 1 assist, 89% tackle rate at 1.46 tackles per match, 82% pass success rate, 1 POM at 7.21 Samir, DCL, 23 apps, 1 goal, 89% tackle rate at 1.47 tackles per match, 87% pass success rate, 4 POM’s at 7.20 Enrico Reggini, MCL, 19 apps, 3 goals, 3 assists, 92% pass success rate averaging 108.13 passes per match, 89% tackle rate at 2.08 tackles per match at 7.18 Alban Lafont, GK, 25 apps, 11 clean sheets, 86% save percentage averaging 5.72 saves per match, 1 POM at 7.15 11th March 2024 Youth intake day, and we’ve been pretty lucky. Three good-to-excellent prospects; two Sammarinese and one dual-nationality. I’ll be training Selva up as a Right Inside Forward and Michelotti as a Left Winger. That will help us with our wide attack. It means that in a few years time, we could have three midfielders, two wingers and a striker all at a strong level. With Valli hopefully joining them in developing as I hope, there’s only the rest of the defence to sort out really!! Exciting times ahead for the San Marino national team!! I just hope that Selva chooses San Marino over Italy… 26th April 2024 It’s a shootout between San Marino and Lazio for the Scudetto. Five games are left to play, and three points separate us. In our favour!! If we can at least match their results, we’ll win the league, which would be a huge triumph for us. We play them in the penultimate match of the season. I just hope that it doesn’t go that far… At the other end of the table, Inter have toiled all season. They should be safe from the drop, but are in 16th. I think that’s their highest placing so far this term. Maybe I’ll see if they’ve any players who want to abandon ship…!! 4th May 2024 THANK YOU FIORENTINA!! Last year, they couldn’t win for toffee, and this year they’ve only gone and beaten Lazio. That moves us 3 points clear, with a game in hand, with 9 points for them to play for. We’re so close… 5th May 2024 Thanks for nothing. The lads were probably already celebrating winning the league because, aside from Mason Mount, no-one showed up today. The first half was frankly ridiculous, and we should’ve been 5-0 down. We were that bad. But then leading 2-1 and throwing it away to lose 3-2 was poor. 19th May 2024 - 15.00 D-Day. San Marino vs Lazio, 1st vs 2nd. Us vs them. David vs Goliath. Lazio have to win to keep their dream alive. We just need a draw, not that we’ll play for it. We’ve had a really strong season at home, and I’m hoping for another win. With Lazio likely to attack, that may just play right into our hands with our counter-attacks. “Counter-attack at home” I hear you say. Well, it’s worked out excellently so far!! 19th May 2024 - 17.00 FORZA TITANI!! An own goal was our golden ticket to our maiden Scudetto, and I’m so proud of the team (and, yes, myself). It wasn’t the greatest match ever, but we don’t care!! Following our abject failure in the Italian Cup, this more than makes up for it. Looking at next season, we only need to get a few players in. Our RB, Nicola Gaeta/Francesco Cassata, is the position that needs a boost most of all, but we also need a good back-up striker and a right winger. Other than that, I’ll be on the hunt for some good, cheap talents to bolster our youth ranks, and make some good money for the club for the future. We’re too far away from winning the Champions League, but we’ll go as far as we can. But, more importantly, we’ll be going for the Cup (didn’t I say the same thing last year?!). It’s being too elusive for my liking. 28th May 2024 This has been such a productive year. Not only in terms of winning Serie A, but our reputation and the progress that our players are making. And looking at this table is so satisfying. Seeing us at the top of the pile, Juventus not even making the Champions League, and Inter and Roma both struggling to make mid-table seems like there’s a changing of the guard. And we’re at the front of it. We only lost 3 league games between January and May, which was fantastic for us. One against Juventus, which I can’t complain about (even if they did finish 5th), and one against Cagliari after we’d wrapped up the league. Stand-out players of the year: Samir, DCL, 42 apps, 1 goal, 88% tackle rate with 1.58 tackles per match, 87% pass success rate, 5 POM’s at 7.19 Enrico Reggini, MCR, 35 apps, 7 goals, 4 assists, 92% pass success rate with 100.36 passes per match on average, 87% tackle rate with 1.90 tackles per match, 2 POM’s at 7.19 Maurizio Albani, ST, 43 apps, 21 goals, 9 assists, 82% pass success rate, 3 POM’s at 7.16 Mason Mount, MCL, 26 apps, 10 goals, 3 assists, 89% pass success rate, 88% tackle rate with 1.76 tackles per match, 5 POM’s at 7.14 Alban Lafont, GK, 42 apps, 21 clean sheets, 87% save success with 5.60 saves per match, 1 POM at 7.12 15th June 2024 It’s happened; Maurizio Albani is now San Marino’s top scorer for the national side. He managed to score a brace in a friendly with Andorra, which now puts him on 12 goals for his country. At the age of 20. What a talent. 3rd October 2024 Luca Selva has been called up to the Italian U19 squad. I noticed about a week ago that his nationality had changed to Italian, should’ve known that would mean that he would represent them instead of San Marino. I hope that he turns out for the San Marino national team in the future, but it’s doubtful. Gutting, really. Thankfully, he’s the only high-potential dual nationality player that’s come through the academy. It means that we’ve got 6 six players who could (and should) be in the San Marino national first XI. More than halfway to a semi-decent side is great progress when you take into account that it’s only been 6 years since the start of this challenge.
  6. 29th September 2023 Not gonna lie; my proudest moment as San Marino manager. 2-0 down at home, and then Daniel Arzani just went crazy; 1 goal, 3 assists.
  7. 20th August 2023 It's the start of our third Serie A campaign. I've been in the box-seat for 5 years already, and what a rollercoaster so far!! So, we've had a pretty quiet transfer window... By our standards!! Bringing in Lafont from Fiorentina was just a no-brainer, and I've got Kristian Riis to partner Samir at the back. I needed a leader centre-half, and I've got one. On a free no less. I've also brought in Raffaele Poli from Roma. The kid is gonna be special, and I've put in an optional future fee of £10m for him. Seems high, but he should work out. The last five transfers I made was to give my U18's some depth. Only Fabbian is worth anything, but I really want to develop the talent that I have got, and that means more matches at every level. The most important transfers happened last summer; Mattia and Joelmir Reichert from Brazil. They're both ready for Serie A. Mattia spent last year on loan at Verona, and Joelmir didn't play at all. So, we've got a young, talented squad rather than store-bought first teamers, and that will hopefully help us in the long run. I tried for Gylfi Sigurdssen and Stevan Jovetic to boost our reputation, but we just couldn't outbid anyone. Our squad is fairly capable, and we'll have to play defensively against the big guns, but I'm aiming for another season of Champions Cup Qualification (I'm hoping third) a decent run in Europe; whether that's in Champions Cup or Euro's doesn't particularly matter to me. More money than domestic!! Semi-final minimum in the Italian Cup. We've neglected it too long. We've got a squad now, not XI + 3. FORZA TITANI!!
  8. @RexEverything try downloading the Klaassen patch for the San Marino league. That's the only way that I can think of to increase your chances, but like @Lewis89says, I've only known people to start the challenge from scratch, and not mid-game. @robredo87 thanks dude. there are definitely better strikers out there, but no better Sammarinese strikers!! He fits well into my ethos as well, so that's a plus!! These three are the highest potential Sammarinese players that I have (and for the whole National Team). Maurizio Albani Enrico Reggini Federico Nanni
  9. 4th June 2023 The season is over, and we secured second with a game to spare. Lazio won their game after we won 3-0, and won the Scudetto based on the scores between us; 0-0 and a 2-1 loss. I'm mighty proud of how our team has played. Mason Mount was ridiculously good for us, and Maurizio Albani finally found his shooting boots this season. The challenge for next season is sustaining our upward momentum, and getting the right players in so that we can balance the league, the Champions Cup and, this year I'm actually going for it, the Italian Cup. I'm looking to strengthen a couple of key positions. Even though Grabara has been a great servant over the last two years, with Fiorentina in turmoil for the majority of the campaign (they didn't win in the league until January. Still finished 13th!!) I managed to get Lafont for £2.5m. He's a significant upgrade, even if I do feel badly considering Grabara kept 28 clean sheets this season. Hey, when a player of his calibre is available for pittance, you go for him!! In fairness, we have a fair amount of decent youth in the squad, so I'll be throwing them in for plenty of game time next season, especially as we don't have a huge transfer budget. Stand out players this term (all comps): Mason Mount, MCL, 49 apps, 20 goals, 13 assists, 89% pass success rate at 59.3 passes per match, 94% tackle rate with 1.64 tackles per match, 6 POM's at 7.35 John Kitolano, DL, 46 apps, 1 goal, 5 assists, 93% tackle rate at 1.82 tackles per match, 84% pass success rate, 3 POM's at 7.30 Samir, DCL, 45 apps, 2 goals, 90% tackle rate at 1.33 tackles per match, 87% pass success rate, 5 POM's at 7.26 Curtis Jones, MCL on loan from Liverpool, 47 apps, 17 goals, 7 assists, 89% pass success rate at 69.4 passes per match, 92% tackle rate at 1.09 tackles per match, 7 POM's at 7.22 Nicola Gaeta, DR, 53 apps, 3 assists, 91% tackle rate at 1.86 tackles per match, 83% pass success rate, 2 POM's at 7.18 And an honourable mention to Maurizio Albani. 49 apps, 24 goals, of which 17 of those were in the league. Not bad for our 19 year old prodigy.
  10. 21st May 2023 Champions Cup, here we come!! We're guaranteed a spot in the Champions Cup, but there's still an outside chance of us lifting the Scudetto. Lazio have taken two points from their last three games, which is good news for us. We're still three points behind them with two games left. Here's to hoping!!
  11. So, I have a player who I've spent the better part of a season trying to train as DM- Deep-Lying Playmaker Support. He is a natural CM, and he has reached Accomplished at DM, and I want to develop him more as a CM as a Deep-Lying Playmaker Support as that's where he'll play for me. The problem that I'm having is that every time I sim a day, his Position/Role/Duty resets to DM-Playing position. It's frustrating because his training and development has suffered because I can't praise/criticise his performance as I'd like/need to. How can I solve this problem??
  12. I always found playing as Liverpool that my goalkeepers didn't develop as much because I'd win a lot of matches by one or two goals, and because my keeper wasn't as involved in the match. That would always give me around 6.7/6.8 average rating for them, which is quite a low average for development. in terms of match performance, there's not much that you can do, except having a shakier defence, and if you keep a lot of clean sheets, a better keeper. In terms of training, you need to have really high standards in terms of facilities, staff and development. Facilities and staff are pretty easy to figure out, but in terms of development, I find anyone training at less than 7.5 needs criticising, but you also need to pay attention as to what their training report says about their development, and have the corresponding chat with them about it.
  13. 8th May 2023 6 games left in the season It looks like it could be a proper shootout, but I think that Lazio are the favourites. 6 points clear with two games in hand is remarkable. We've done really well this term, and being in third so late in the season is a brilliant achievement, but we've been so inconsistent the last three months. Juventus have really fallen off a cliff this year. They're in 7th, and have lost 9 games in the league. It's been refreshing, especially as they've won the league 11 years in a row.
  14. I believe that you have to be added by @rycl77for that. Looking to be added to the Hall of Fame myself!!
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