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  1. Hello, Since yesterday afternoon, I can no longer access the forum when at home. I keep getting the following error: I tried a different browser, cleared my cache, cookies and all the settings and restarted the modem, but the issue continues. What can I do to fix it? Thanks! Edit: The issue has now been fixed by itself.
  2. AML/AMR Winger vs. ML/MR Winger. Same PIs, same attribute requirements. What is the actual difference? I guess AM strata starts pressing sooner in defensive phase, but is that all? Might sound stupid, but I struggle to pin-point differences between 4-4-2 and 4-2-4, for example, since roles can be virtually the same...
  3. Okay, after the above formation failing miserably, I went back to the drawing board. I will share my progress here, in case anyone else finds it useful for their own 4-2-4. Problem #1 - Right Flank The main problem I had was the mentality combined with duties I chose, particularly on the right flank. Originally I went with Positive, which set my Wingers' individual mentalities as Positive. Behind the right Winger, I went with FB-de, in an attempt to somewhat mitigate defensive vulnerability of the formation and cover for the BBM's late runs into the box. What ended up happening, is t
  4. I never used 4-2-4 before, but recently found myself in the situation where it would probably make the most sense. Firstly, I'm predicted to finish 2nd in the league, so offensive setup makes sense. Secondly, AML and AMR Wingers are my best players and I have a 35 y/o Jamie Mackie, who is an exceptional Target Man for my level. This is my current setup: However, that's about it. I've never used 4-2-4 and have no idea what are some general instructions that would fit in. Firstly, how do the AML/AMR Wingers differ from the ML/MR ones? Their mentality appears to be the same, b
  5. First of all, thanks for a fantastic thread! Very interesting to read your reasoning for your tactical and player choices. This is also something I'd like to know more about. I found these tips especially interesting: This is my personal understanding of individual mentalities, please feel free to expand on it or correct me if I'm wrong: Possession systems: - Individual mentalities close together (e.g. plenty of Support duties), which means players will be positioned close to each other and play with similar amount of risk taking. This enables good short passing
  6. Is MEZ+Winger on the same side not a good combo? I always thought that with hugging the touchline, Winger creates a good pocket of space for MEZ to operate in (pulling the fullback wider and opening up space between him and CB for MEZ to run into). That said, I can also see where you're coming from, if Winger pulls defence to one side, maybe MEZ would be a better option on the other side, to attack that vacated space aggressively. However, would Winger not be too isolated in that case? What role would you use behind him in a 4123, for example, if MEZ isn't a good choice?
  7. Can you give me an example of when would you personally use Shove Onto Foot OI? If it doesn't delay the tackle at all, then what is the downside of it and why wouldn't one just shove everyone onto weaker foot? Surely opposition not being able to use their stronger foot can only benefit you? For example, tight marking and harder tackling have a downside of your player getting skinned/turned or committing a foul. Closing down has a downside of pulling your player out of position. I can't figure out the downside of shoving everyone onto weaker foot though, but I'm sure there's a reason
  8. Question about Shove Onto Foot opposition instruction: does using it delay the tackle (player will be focused on forcing the opposition onto a certain foot first and foremost)? I've never actually been sure how to use it, because in theory, why wouldn't you want to shove all wide players and strikers onto their weaker foot? What's the downside of it?
  9. I'm not pressuring anyone, in fact, the advice ED gives is perfectly sound and I enjoy reading it. I'm simply talking about creating a tactic that provides short pass assists through the middle, which is what OP seems to be asking about. I, too, usually only care about creating a successful tactic based on my team and expectations. However, if you for example want to replicate a very specific style which focuses on creating chances through the middle, well, good luck to you. You may still score goals and be successful, but those goals will be distributed in all kinds of ways (set pieces,
  10. It's been reported and well documented many times, so he probably shouldn't waste his time. In fact, I'd love to see you try and create a tactic that will produce short pass assists through the middle consistently (not just on forum, do it in game and post some passing combinations/assists). Theory and practice are two different things sadly.
  11. I guess it could be more of a problem with a lone striker that you expect to be the main scorer, since if he goes wide into a channel, there may be no one central to actually score (eg. no attacking midfielders). Meanwhile in 2-striker formations, it's hard to imagine both of them finding channels on their respective sides, I guess if one moves wide and gets the ball, the whole defence has to adjust to that (shift towards that side) and that would mean there would be no channel on the other side, so that striker would then naturally stay central (unless instructed to roam). At least that'
  12. Quick question regarding striker partnerships... Is Move Into Channels in both strikers (4-4-2) problematic? For example, a DLF + AF pairing. Will both stay wider, or should that not be a problem in 2-striker systems, since if one drifts wide into a channel and makes defence shift to that side, the other one will stay central, since the channel on his side will naturally get closed? Hopefully that makes sense. I imagine if I were to use a Poacher instead of AF, winger on his side could get a bit isolated, since the Poacher will look to stay central? Thanks!
  13. What kind of system would a Trequartista fit in as striker (some examples)? Not sure I fully understand its movement, I know it's a ball magnet and has Ease Of Tackles locked in, but what are some other key characteristics of it? I have a striker that's great creator and am not sure whether to go with a DLF or Treq. I'm trying to play a patient possession style, with a top heavy formation.
  14. Alright, in the past two months our form has improved considerably, so I guess scoring a decent amount of goals is still possible. Not to use this thread as my personal blog or anything, just thought I'd give a quick update, since I gave finishing the trashing in my previous rants. We're currently 1st in the league in goals scored (44 in 23 matches). However, it's true that a lot of them tend to come from set pieces--which is quite surprising, because while I make sure I stay on top of my defensive set pieces, I simply can't be bothered with all the attacking routines, so I leave the
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