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  1. People get "FM'd" all the time for various reasons, doesn't change the fact that a Counter-Press tactic will dramatically overperform regularly over the course of the whole season. AI isn't smart enough in general, at least not to the point where it could read your tactic or understand what's happening on the pitch and counteract that logically. The most it will do is change its approach based on the pre-match odds and the result it finds itself with, but it definitely doesn't know how to answer a high-press in the same manner a human would. The thing is though that even minor tweaks to how regular high intensity play affects players' stamina and injuries could improve the current situation, I understand they can't dramatically improve the AI over night (although it would be nice to see more focus on that front and see FM heading in the direction of becoming a proper tactical simulator).
  2. And yet year after year the most powerful tactics seem to use the most illogical and unrealistic combinations of instructions and roles, without any punishment. Just watched an FM 20 streamer the other day. Napoli, 4-1-2-2-1 (4-1-4-1 DM), Attacking mentality, CF, 2x RMD, MEZ, 2x attacking WB. Including More Urgent Pressing and Counter-Press, of course. If you posted that tactic on here, you'd get told it's not defensively-sound enough, yet he finished 2nd in his first Serie A season (despite most goals scored and least conceded) and won it in the second. Because of how effective and easy to make work the high pressing is, he simply doesn't have to worry about the defence. Of course, Napoli is a good side as it is, so that doesn't prove much, but I really don't see how anyone can argue that pressing isn't too effective in FM. Fair enough, they added new defensive instructions last year, so some unbalance was to be expected, but I expected them to tweak it this year. I can't handle another year where Counter-Press, More Urgent Pressing and a High Defensive Line seem like a cheat.
  3. Tactical gurus on here with do their best to convince you that pressing absolutely isn't overpowered, because that would kinda destroy the whole point of creating well thought-out tactics, but yes, you're absolutely right. It's way too lethal and not exploited nearly enough. AI simply isn't smart enough to find logical ways out of the press, it doesn't have the depth to say "oh, they're pushing up high, let's switch to a Target Man, Route One and Higher Tempo". And not only that, pressing effects on the stamina and how much of Team Cohesion/Tactical Familiarity they need to be executed correctly are WAY too low.
  4. Summary: Whenever I minimize the game or switch to Windowed mode and put it out of focus, the system is unusable outside of the game. Description of Issue: It seems to me as if the game doesn't realize whenever it gets minimized or put out of focus in Windowed mode. Eg., sometimes after a match I want to check the web or open Discord, but the system is pretty much unusable, due to how slow it is -- as if the game was still using full resources, regardless of it being out of focus and stationary (no processing being done or matches being played). My computer is pretty old, but the thing is that the game itself runs well. It's minimizing or putting it out of focus that doesn't work well enough. Never had this issue in Football Manager 2019. Steps to Reproduce: Minimize the game or put it out of focus in Windowed mode. Edit: Fixed in 20.0.3-1307550 (m.e v2000).
  5. Imagine being new at the game and the first thing you see when trying to get your head around the responsibilities is this large pile of text. The Options screen is the same kind of mess, they took something that was perfectly fine and easy to use and made it a small window that requires multiple clicks and scrolling to find what you're actually looking for. And if you can't, don't worry, there's a search box that takes another few seconds from actually playing the game. Here's some suggestions for your future releases that have been crying for attention for years and could use a "revamp" much more than parts of the interface that were perfectly fine for years: Press conferences -- no changes at all, I did one, saw no new questions or answers and delegated them immediately. AI squad building and player retention -- not only is the AI bad at building its squad logically, it also loses its best players with ease. Staff intelligence -- focusing on responsibilities makes little sense if the AI is still incapable of doing its tasks at an acceptable level. Delegate transfers to your DoF and he'll render your squad useless in no time, instead of adding to realism. From the short time of using a Technical Director and trusting him with my U23/U19's staff, he seems no better (paying compensation for a 9 PHY Physio, when a user can find numerous 20 PHY Physio's for free, made me believe he'll do more damage than good). International management -- something so big for any manager's career, yet a complete waste of time in FM.
  6. Good, but guess what... A few years of bad products and clients will start turning away, so it's in SI's best interest to release a good game and not leave obvious bugs in it, because Bob posted about them in thread A instead of thread B. As for the "proof", I originally mentioned this after yet another person reported ineffective strikers. There's a lot of complaints about this exact issue in this thread, so if that's not enough for someone to say "hey, this could be a real issue, we need to look into it", instead of "let's wait for the forum to fix the issue for us", then nothing is. Strikers not finishing 1-on-1 chances and bagging 40-yard screamers every other match, on the other hand, is clearly not a unique "bug".
  7. And you sound like someone who would pay to test someone's product. Exactly why the gaming industry loves these "beta/early access" releases so much. Gone are the days when they needed to pay their testers, guess what, nowadays THEY get paid for releasing a half-finished product instead! Anyway, enough off-topic from me. I understand the meaning of beta, but I do have a slight problem with people getting linked all over the forum even after they make an effort to report an issue. If you care about your game, you should take everything you get and do your best to fix it, instead of expecting everything on a silver plate for free.
  8. Yes and people do report them. But guess what, that's not enough, you have to do it exactly as they want it or they won't look into it. Fair enough, sell a broken game on release day then.
  9. Class response, I bet people love sitting around, collecting PKMs and opening new threads. They paid for the game and aren't being paid to test it, but guess what, a constructive critic in the official feedback thread isn't enough, you have to do more than that to get the developers moving. Or else, you'll have a moderator breathing down your neck! Hilarious, for the amount of bugs being reported (and some of which are ridiculous, such as huge white spaces in dark skin, which was already fixed last year -- how on earth does that even happen, do they have a pre-made version of the game for a few years in advance, so the fixes aren't getting carried over?), I really do wonder who actually tests this game in the development stage.
  10. Clearly the game is in a playable state, otherwise they wouldn't invite creators and let them record with no restrictions (at least I assume so, since there's quite a few videos out there covering a wide variety of in-game topics).
  11. Good point. Perhaps I should instead say "individual mentality", since I guess you could still achieve gung-ho style of football with low team mentality + Attack duties, or what Herne did, possession football with high team mentality + very few Attack duties. Anyway, since it was too late in the season to fix our situation, I started a new save with Sheffield United (newly promoted and predicted to finish dead last, so basically the same starting point). Tactic: ----------P-----PFa---------- WMs-BBM-DLPs-WMs FBs-BPDd-NCBd-FBs Standard mentality, Shorter Passing, Overlap Left and Right, Regroup, Counter, Lower LoE, Stay On Feet I wanted two strikers, so they can do things on their own without needing to commit midfielders to the attack (don't want to expose myself defensively) WMs because I don't want them dribbling themselves out of possession (if the counter isn't on, I want us to stay patient and keep the ball rather than lose it and get countered) DLPs acting as a ball magnet to prevent mindless hoofing into attack, while still being a holding role (BBM next to him is roaming, so I wanted to keep some balance) I originally started with two WBs, but we kept getting exposed down the flanks, so I changed both to FBs Lower LoE and Stay On Feet to restrict the space between our lines and not get beat too easily As for the team mentality, I started with Positive, but found it too risky defensively. We looked all over the park during our defensive transitions and I put that down to my players simply not being good enough to be able to defend in such a risky manner (at one point I saw my CB lunging into a tackle and getting beat easily), so I changed it to Standard. After making these initial changes, things started going great. Apart from the Watford game, we look quite solid defensively and we're scoring goals too. I have to admit I was quite surprised by that Chelsea away win. I expected us to get battered as in my previous save, but we actually shut them down completely and could easily score another goal, if Mousset was more clinical on the day. We only allowed them two shots from central areas in front of the goal. One being a corner-header and another coming in the 87th minute, moments after I decided to park the bus (I wouldn't be disappointed with a point against Chelsea, so I wanted to play it safe and not end up get robbed out of everything in the last few minutes). I didn't expect us to be so solid without a DM. I was originally thinking about using one, but decided not to, because I didn't want to funnel the opposition solely down the flanks. My CBs/FBs aren't good enough aerially to win majority of the headers, so I imagine we'd be shooting ourselves in the foot. I was however worried that we'd get exposed down the middle, especially with no Defend duty, but that hasn't been the case so far. What's your thinking when you opt for DMs? I'm always quite confused on this one, especially when it comes to their roles. Will someone like Regista/DLP do as much defensively as other roles, since they're still a DM, or will they be less inclined to protect the defensive line, because their starting position is a bit higher and Regista/DLPs don't have Positioning, Marking or Tackling highlighted as their key attributes (which I assume means they aren't required to do these things as often)? I feel I always fall into the trap of thinking DM is a must when you're a weaker side, but clearly not.
  12. I do check it occasionally, yes. For example, one of the most interesting things I've learned from it, is that Aggression also determines how likely a player is to engage in "darker arts" of football. I assume that means things like pressuring the referee, looking for fouls, unnerving the opponent, etc. Sounds like something I'd want from all of my players. Anyway, would the following be a fair summary? Mentality = risk taking. Counter-attacking is higher on the spectrum (fast, decisive transitions), possession play is lower (slow, calculated transitions). Positioning of the defensive block is controlled by DL + LoE (and not by the sheer presence of DMs, as I originally thought). Aggressiveness of the block is controlled by Pressing Intensity and Tackling. If you decide to "park the bus", you better have the numbers for it (e.g. flat 5-4-1). I tried passively sitting back with a 4-4-2 and got completely overrun. Also, hopefully you don't mind one more question about your Hannover 4-4-2. What's the thinking behind Shorter Passing and a RPM in a direct, counter-attacking system? I always thought that you'd instead want More Direct Passing and that any playmaker role would slow your transitions down and therefore go against what you're trying to achieve. I guess the mistake there is thinking about how the transitions will play out only immediately after I've won the ball back, instead of thinking about how I'll actually play from the back in majority of the situations, where the opposition has time to regroup? In that case I can definitely see why Shorter Passing and a playmaker would make sense, to prevent pointless hoofing to TM.
  13. Nobody wants all the answers, but the tactical creator in its current shape is nothing short of misleading. Not to seasoned veterans like yourself, who live and breathe FM, but imagine you're new at the game. Every backroom advice inbox item will scream at you if you're a minnow using a high mentality. Or another example, pre-match briefings. If you're an underdog and you brief your team on using a Positive or higher mentality, they will always react negatively. Same as if you're a heavy favourite, telling your team to be Cautious. So, you can either skip the briefings or be ready for a lot of red thumbs-down reactions (and of course I don't want to see that, I've no idea what impact it has on the players, I don't want some kind of a handicap on their performance or to worsen their support towards me). You might say the tactical briefings are useless and shouldn't be relied on, but they're in the game. If I can't trust the people who literally coded it, then what's the point? So a noob like me will take the safe route and get punished for it. I think I get it now (a bit more, at least), it's no wonder I got overrun using a bottom-heavy formation + very low mentality. I basically told my players "defend for your lives and when you get the ball, God forbid you try exposing the space left behind by the opposition, I instead want you to take no risks at all and try to keep possession, even if our formation, roles and duties aren't set up for that". What worries me, is that the SI literally changed some Mentality descriptions just last year. So they had a look at it, changed a few things and I guess they're now happy with it? I really don't think they should be, because there's a lot of things that could be described in a much clearer and easier to understand way. If they're not sure themselves, why not have a chat with a few tactical gurus from this forum and at least listen to their suggestions? I don't see the point in setting out this minefield for players. Having to go to various forums and read through countless threads just to understand what the game really means with certain things, isn't fun or immersive.
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