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  1. So, this has been bugging me for a while... They first added this button in FM18, what is the actual purpose of it? Is there any difference between pressing it and just continuing once you gave your team talk, or is it just a pointless mouse click?
  2. Really appreciate your help, thanks! Was looking at something exactly like this. Only issue could be the A320M motherboard though, since it apparently requires a BIOS update. B450 costs a few bucks more, but should be guaranteed to work from the box.
  3. I don't know much about computers, but I'm surprised to hear that, since it's quite a bit cheaper. And the integrated graphics don't look half bad either, based on the reviews I've read, they're miles ahead of Intel's graphics. I thought that maybe the CPU itself was way worse because of that, but sounds like it should be a good budget pick for FM? http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/AMD-Ryzen-5-2400G-vs-Intel-Core-i5-7400/m433194vs3886
  4. How would Ryzen 5 2400G perform in FM? Graphics vise it looks like it runs some intense games with ease, but what about the CPU itself? How many leagues can one expect to run realistically?
  5. I agree, but I don't like that the game is going in a way of being automated. First automatic duties for certain roles, now automatic team shape and tactic presets. Team shape was quite complicated at first, but it only needed a better description. Once you understood it, it enabled you to change your players' individual mentalities within your system in all kinds of ways. Not only that, we also had 5 levels of creative freedom (V. Structured = 0, V. Fluid = 5), what happens with that now? Hope to god it's separated completely then, because imagine your team being very expressive just because you have a lot of Support duties. And even if it's separated, I don't see a slider anywhere.
  6. As I understand so far, Team Shape was removed from FM19. Looks at this screenshot, looks like it's now a thing that changes automatically based on the duties of your tactic. What a shame if it's true, Team Shape added a layer of tactical depth to the game, despite it being complicated due to its poor in-game description.
  7. All it needed was a clearer description. Hell, copy @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!'s explanation here and it would be instantly better. But to remove it completely? Shape was a big part of the game, I wonder how @Cleon, @Rashidi and other tactical gurus will react to that. You could do a lot of different things with shape once you understood it (takes a bit of learning, yes), so taking it out of the game is a step backwards for me... Looks like this year's FM is all about making the game easy to play, instead of adding more depth and tactical freedom.
  8. And another tactics screen screenshot (in German, but you get the point): Look at the "TEAMFLUSS" in the bottom left corner. Certainly doesn't look like something we can change this year, looks like an indicator. Removing Team Shape is a big thing, if they actually went and done it... Not sure I like it and hope I'm wrong.
  9. Why does Team Fluidity (bottom left) look like an indicator and not something we can change anymore? Is it true that it will be picked automatically based on the number of certain duties and that's it?
  10. Does anyone know exactly what sort of things decide player's performance rating? I know it's probably passes, tackles, goals, saves, but do we know exactly what else? Sometimes I struggle to find out why my player had a bad match rating. If I would know exactly what things are being evaluated, it would be much easier to look into player's stats and understand whether it's him that's bad or it's my tactic that is causing him issues.
  11. If you honestly expect to see such match engine changes, you will be disappointed. Have to agree with chris31k, most of the changes are just making the game easier to play, but that's about it. I don't see a match engine revamp coming anytime soon, sadly. And without that, don't expect any big changes or more freedom when it comes to creating tactics, because the AI would simply not be able to follow. If you were given complete freedom to do anything you wanted on the tactics screen, there would be engine breaking tactics posted to this forum within hours of the game being released. That's why you're sort of locked down to a couple of roles, duties and instructions, you can still do a lot with that, but I guess the dream would be to have complete tactical freedom. And we won't have that anytime soon, because the AI is simply not good enough. As for this specific suggestion, maybe they could add the playmaker's "ball magnetism" to BPDs, making them more likely to get more involved with the play. But then again, even though it might not sound like a big change, I guess such changes would require a lot of work in the match engine. And why do that, if you can instead make a couple of cosmetic changes and sell features that were sort of in the game already as something completely new?
  12. That's exactly what I'm wondering about, what are some scenarios when you would want to have narrow defensive width? Opponent playing 3 central strikers? Or for example, wide defensive width, if your opponent is playing two wingers, meaning the wide defensive width will give your fullbacks closer starting positions to them? Until now it was sort of obvious to me, that the lower the mentality, the narrow the defensive shape (less space between the players), so I didn't think much about it.
  13. Can someone explain how you would benefit from changing defensive width? I tend to make a lot of changes during matches and I often find myself switching to defensive or contain, to protect the lead. And I'm pretty sure that defensive width changes with that, meaning the whole thing was already in the game, just under the hood. When I watch matches while playing on those low mentalities, the defensive width gets really narrow, I find even wingers tucking in much more than you would expect. I'm also pretty sure that @Rashidi mentioned using mentality to change defensive width in one of his videos, but I could be wrong about that (don't remember exactly where I saw or read about it).
  14. What are some popular FM related Discord channels? Any other than We Stream FM one?
  15. Probably fits the Stupid Questions thread more, but still... What does the Distance Covered stat actually tell me? Let's say that I have two players playing the same role in the same tactic. Would it be fair to assume that the player with higher Distance Covered stat is putting in more effort and works harder? Also, what about team's Distance Covered, it's one of the stats you can tick in the Match Stats widget. What can I make of it? It would be interesting if we could track number of sprints as well, like this: Judging by that, it's probably fair to assume that Manchester United are either lazy or they're purposely not making the effort.
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