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  1. Yes, I'm playing the beta. There are many improvements, but this area isn't one unfortunately. I've seen it many times.
  2. I find myself watching for this to happen in real life football games...and I am just not seeing it. What I DO see: 1) The player kicks the ball into the defender who is right on top of him, and it goes out of bounds, thereby gaining a throw in (or corner) for his team. 2) The player kicks the ball into the defender who is right on top of him, but it ricochets back into himself and goes out of bounds, thereby conceding a throw in (or corner) to the other team. 3) The player intentionally kicks the ball out of bounds, conceding a throw-in (or less desirably a corner), but more importantly he avoids making the bigger mistake of directly turning over the ball in the field of play. 4) The player shields the defender from the ball and lets it roll out because he knows the other team was last to touch it. 5) The player attempts to shield the defender from the ball, but unintentionally touches the ball before it rolls out, thereby conceding a throw in (or corner) 6) The player successfully kicks the ball to a nearby teammate, keeping it from rolling out. 7) The player is able to control the ball and make an intelligent decision with the ball (pass, cross, dribble), thereby retaining possession for his team What I'm NOT seeing is players running full speed, overrunning the ball and either leaving it in play or back heeling it to a defender. Players do run out of bounds, but will always try to do something with the ball to avoid simply GIFTING the ball to a defensive player.
  3. It's noticeably improved, but there are still repeat football kicking sounds periodically in every game. The crowd roar gets tinny and echo-y whenever it gets loud, like when a goal gets scored. Before this update, I couldn't bear to listen, but now I'm back to using the sound and just tolerate the glitches.
  4. Ok, I've uploaded my save game file to the cloud server. Name of the file is: 'Hungerford - Sharman wont nego.fm' If you search my Inbox for 'Sharman' you'll see the offer accepted email with his rejection. Then if you look at my coach reports on Jamie Sharman, it says he's extremely interested.
  5. Hmm, I may have confused the issue by saying 'Scout Report'. I meant 'Coach Report'. He's at my club currently on loan, so wouldn't my coach reports be up to date? If not, how do I even update this for a player already at my club?? I've loaned him from another club as one of my main defenders that I play regularly. so when I noticed that he was extremely interested in joining our club, I put in a bid to make the transfer permanent. The offer got accepted, but the player isn't interested in negotiating. Are my coaches misreading his interest perhaps?
  6. I have a player on loan whose scouting report indicates he is "Extremely interesting in joining our club". Offer get accepted, but the player won't negotiate. Makes no sense.
  7. This just randomly happened to me. Wanted to analyze a player's performance for last match played. If I right click on the running FM18 icon in Windows and attempt to close the app, the 'QUIT GAME AND EXIT?' dialog pops up, but I can't click 'Yes' because the screen seems to be modal during the generate match progress bar. It's stuck at the first inch of progress. Only way to get past is to kill the program using Windows task manager. Is there a keyboard shortcut for confirming the quit dialog?
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