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  1. I've noticed this as well. My fullbacks are getting killed on ratings now. I had a FB on loan who was tearing it up, renewed the loan post-patch, and now suddenly he looks like a scrub.
  2. No, I've never released either Krastev or Trelowski on a free. When I was creating the club, it is possible I removed them and added them back into the squad as I was making decisions drafting my team, but I can't remember. I know I did that with one or more players, could have been them.
  3. @John Kendall-Torry No, I made this save when the beta first came out. Haven't tried any new saves yet. I'm on the latest version of the game, but sounds like there is no fix except to start a new save?
  4. I noticed that when I moved Trelowski to Rakow, then advanced a day, the Rakow roster shows him twice. Clicking on either version shows the same player details. Terminating the player's contract still leaves one doppelganger at the club.
  5. I got desperate and bought the in-game editor to attempt to fix. I tried moving him from my team to Rakow then back to my club, but it does not fix the problem. He is still listed on their squad and mine, but under contract with my team. Ugh.
  6. Yup, sure enough, when I go to the Rakow roster, my player is listed there as a player for their team also. This explains the Ineligibility issue. I should mention, my team (Giovani Ragazzi) is based in Italy and was created using the 'Create-a-Club' option, so it appears there is a glitch with this feature.
  7. Ok, I checked Reports --> Form for my GK (Trelowski) and he is listed as also playing games for Rakow, a Polish team. He's listed as an unused sub. Yet he's at my club! He is not on loan, so I don't know how this happened. Please see my save files...
  8. Not sure about this, but I think role familiarity might slowly improve over time if you consistently include unit training sessions in which there is a focus on "Individual Roles". I like to use the Goalkeeping ones because the rest of the team works on their roles in those.
  9. This has happened again to me, Different player this time. My first-choice GK, Kacper Trelowski, is marked as ineligible due to 'already being involved in another match on same day'. This is incorrect. There is no other match scheduled for this day. One thing that may be a common thread is both players are young. Krastev is 18 and Trelowski is 17. However, they are both in the senior squad, at the club, not marked as available for U20/U18, and no other matches are scheduled for this day, other than the senior squad match I wanted to play them in. Save file: Giovani Ragazzi fm21 Tre
  10. Summary: Player marked as Ineligible, but was not in another match Description of Issue: A particular player on my team, Dimo Krastev, frequently gets marked as being ineligible for match day due 'already being involved in another match on same day'. This is not the case, however. No other match is scheduled and the player is at the club. UPDATE: it appears this may be a glitch with Create-a-Club where somehow a player is listed on the created club and the club he was originally based in. Steps to Reproduce: Please see the save file. If you look at the Tactics screen
  11. Yes, I'm playing the beta. There are many improvements, but this area isn't one unfortunately. I've seen it many times.
  12. I find myself watching for this to happen in real life football games...and I am just not seeing it. What I DO see: 1) The player kicks the ball into the defender who is right on top of him, and it goes out of bounds, thereby gaining a throw in (or corner) for his team. 2) The player kicks the ball into the defender who is right on top of him, but it ricochets back into himself and goes out of bounds, thereby conceding a throw in (or corner) to the other team. 3) The player intentionally kicks the ball out of bounds, conceding a throw-in (or less desirably a corner), but more i
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