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  1. Is sending a fixed save file possible? Given new save games and ones created before early Feb are saveable I could continue. Would hate to lose progress.
  2. Neil I will try that but loading isn’t the issue - I can load them fine, but I cannot save them! Can you save them? edit: and as mentioned I can save games created before 09/02 and indeed new saves. It’s this run of save file that seems to be the issue. So I don’t think it’s a system issue!
  3. That didn’t help but it looks like (having gone through all my old saves - had some instability when first started) that every save created after 09/02 is afflicted but the ones before that will save. Going to lose a lot of play... any ideas?
  4. Hi I uninstalled Avast, restarted machine, uninstalled and reinstalled FM18 - same issue of not being able to save.
  5. Hello - Anti virus: Avast, I think, but I'd be surprised if that's it. This suddenly started two day ago where previously it hadn't been a problem - I am not using any custom editor data at all - I've uploaded a couple of save games ("test game 38", "test game 39") but none of the save games I have now save at all, these are just examples. Are the half-finished saves that are generated when the game attempts a save and crashes of interest?
  6. Hello Trying to save any FM2018 game results in an "Application Error" crash: "A serious error was encountered and the application will close". - Previously save game was working fine - I can access all previous save games, load and play them without issue - Any attempt to save, on any save game, results in the same crash (1055984) - Attempting to save in different location, on cloud etc has no impact - same crash - The save actually creates a save file in the expected folder of about 1/3 the size expected (25MB v 75MB). File is not loadable Crash dump file attached. Will see if I can add a save game later too! Any ideas much appreciated. I have not, to my knowledge, changed anti virus or similar which I read on the forums can sometimes cause an issue. FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.18 16.55.31).dmp
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