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  1. Also there is another problem when they are concerned about getting new contract after signing new contract 6 months ago. I give a couple of youngsters sub appearances in league and starting in cup match after a couple of month he developed concern. I gave new contract then after a couple of months it happened again. Also with more experienced players. It is annoying even when you play with cash rich money like Man city or Man United.
  2. He was quite versatile as playmaker, funny story about Hyndman on my Lorient save was I got this Algiers playmaker asking for very high salary when we got promoted, I refused to gave the raise them proceed to sell him. Bournemouth came to bid and I asked for exchange with Hyndman they accepted it and the transfer went through smoothly. Hyndman became my key player for us to qualify for UCL and my Algiers playmaker rotten in Bournemouth first team only played less than 10 games for each season he was there.
  3. For 5122 if you have good playmaker who can play as Regista it would be nice option too. I love this formation back on FM17 with Emerson Hyndman as my Regista at Lorient FC in League 1.
  4. So far so good more than 70% win with this formation including some heavyweight opponents, sometimes I had troubles breaking down defensive opponents but with a little tweak I can managed that. I also have 2 different formations so this is my primary but I always change the formation depending on the opposition. TI was, play wide (if opposition has 2 DM), shorter passing, work ball to box, play out of defense, counter, counter-press, take short kick, distribute to CB, higher LOE, standard defensive line, more urgent pressing, offside trap. TI is always changing depending on the opposition. If they are so defensive then WBIB and shorter passing are out of the window. I also lower the LOE to normal to draw them out.
  5. I used to have a special 4132 Narrow as an antidote to 4231 on FM17. I just flood the midfield with players since they only have 2 pivot and I have 3 there. My fullback usually on support duty and on either WB or FB roles. For FM19 I used 442 diamond or 532 DM as a counter formation against 4231.
  6. If I may offer some opinions. i also have a save with ManU and with same formation. My standard formation as follow : DR: WB-s ; DL: WB-a ; DC : both CD-d DM: DLP-d or HB-d MCL : MEZ-s ; MCR : BBM or BWM-s (vs tough opponent) AML : IF-s ; AMR : AP-s or W-s STC : CF-a or TM-a When I have Pavard playing I have him as BPD-d, but when he misplaced a lot of passes then back to CD-d. Herrera and Fellaini are always my BBM or BWM. Except when I don’t have players for DLP-d then Herrera goes there. CF-a is always Sanchez, when Lukaku plays, he is TM-a. AP-s on right winger is for Mata. Lingard goes there as W-s. Pogba always as Mezalla, sometimes as AP-a on MCL when I don’t have Mata playing. If I need to be aggressive on the wing I chose CWB on support or sometimes attack depending on the opponent. But the duty is always opposite of the winger in front of him.
  7. Well, Darmian does very good job in your save that’s great. He might be fitting well in your formation so he can produce very good performances. I might be a little bit biased cause I support ManU in real life so I might underestimate Darmian’s & Valencia’s ability in FM.
  8. I have toyed with the idea of using 4231 at ManU but ultimately scrapped it because I end to be a little bit conservative with formation, I like 5 a side kind of formation (5 players in defensive half and 5 players in attacking half) that’s why I chose 4141 DM (former 4123 DM). However looking at your formation I’m thinking that your left side is very attacking then it is very prone to be exploited. I would opt a WB-s or at least CWB-s, Shaw did a good job for me on those roles. Your double pivot can be DLP-d and other roles that going forward a lot like BBM or MEZ-s. The idea is DLP-d hold position so when there is counter he can try to break it first, also he is your shield in front of your 2 CB. I usually put the defend role on the attacking side (in your case your left flanks). Also there were a couple of suggestions of using opposite roles for AMC and lone STC, such as AMC on attack duty then STC on support, vice versa. AFAIK, ManU has really strong AML (Sanchez, Martial, Rashford) but poor AMR. Also the Fullback spot is awful, need more upgrade.
  9. I think Bust The Net still use it but hasn’t published any guides about it yet. I just read his post on the other thread (Breaking Park The Bus), he mentioned that he used 4312. Maybe you can create a new one. I’m thinking Ozil as Trequartista or AP-at at AMC. Auba as Poacher or AF, then Lacazette as a support striker, CF-s or maybe PF. 3 MC usually the defend duty in the middle with DLP or CM-d.
  10. I used this formation back on FM17. It was quite successful with my ManUtd side. The only problem was the AMC on AP-su/at rarely got good ratings.
  11. I have a same 3rd tactic like this with ManU. The differences are : 1. AMC on AP-su/at 2. MCL on DLP-su but MCR on BBM or BWM-su 3. DL on CWB-su if it is Dalot or Shaw playing. DR on WB-su almost everytime but if I saw my DL got low rating then I change my DR to CWB. I couldn’t get consistent results with this tactics. I mainly use this formation when I’m facing 4231. The weakness on my tactics is AMC rarely got assists or good ratings. Even though we won comfortably he only got max 7.00 rating, more often under 6.8. Struggling to create chances from crossing even with positive mentality which will made the players take more risks especially the AMC on AP-su/at. Rarely seen a through ball although I set lower LOE and standard defensive line. Should I use Pogba as Mezalla or even a RPM?
  12. A small question about determination if somebody cares to answer please ... I have a couple of high determination U18 youngsters (above 16). Then I got this messages that squad less desirable traits affected them and they dropped 1 point of determination. My team traits is very determined, they got high scores in training and improved their attributes so how to eliminate the less desirable traits ? Also I have Matthijs De Ligt as my CD and I had David De Gea to welcomed him after signing, now he dropped 1 determination point to 16 even though DDG has 17, there were no messages about less desirable traits affecting De Ligt.
  13. Defensively we are quite okay, we can hold Chelsea and Arsenal to draw. But we were struggling in creating chances. During pre season we were winning using the formation due to quality differences with the opponent. Mentality usually balanced or cautious (against good team). Tactical setting mostly from Gegenpress, shorter passing, play from defense, work ball to box, standard attacking width, standard tempo, short kick to CB, counter, counter press, higher defensive line and higher line of engagement, standard defensive width, offiside trap, extremely urgent pressing, tighter marking. In my FM17 save, the CF-a is actively drawing the defender toward him or he is always in position to get the header from WB cross. The WB cross was my main source of goals. Lewandowski was excellent as CF-a, now I have Lukaku and he is nothing near Lewandowski’s quality. I just changed my formation to 4-1-4-1 DM (former 4123DM) now it works better but with Alexis as CF-a. I have to learn how to adapt to opposition’s tactic since I always lost to Bayern and Inter Milan in UCL group stage using the 4141 DM formation. Thanks.
  14. When I started my FM19, it took me about 6 hours to my first friendly match. And the next day to start my first competitive match after playing almost 10 hours. Most the interface is so different than FM17 especially the scouting things, training and tactics. My first save in every FM iteration that I have is with ManUtd so I already know the first team squad, I just need to identify which position that need improvement and it is quick.
  15. The coach reports only said that squad general atmosphere (or something like this) has positive effect to the player. is there any info about the squad personality? it used to be inside team reports but I checked there and I can’t find it.
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