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  1. So this might be something obvious that i've overlooked, but I can't figure out how to update my already posted database which is on the workshop? I've made some changes to the database and is there any way I could update it?
  2. Hello all, I recently started a new blog, and I really want it to be a regular thing. I would really appreciate if some of you great people could read some of my first story (Focusing on FC Lorient, new post coming later today) and give me some feedback. Any form of feedback, negative or positive, would be appreciated so much. The blog is https://offmblog.wordpress.com/ If you're not interested that's completely fine but it would be great if anyone could read along. I am starting a story focused on FC Lorient in Ligue 2 of France, obviously with aspirations of becoming the biggest club in Europe. After a while I will most likely branch out into other FM related content, but I just want to get the story up and running at first. Cheers, Outside Forward (or /u/WhichVA on reddit)
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