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  1. I keep on getting a takeover with Stockport in fm20 in the first season, never really had in the previous fm's
  2. Already pre-ordered so looking forward to being anti-social again
  3. Do they usually be in the youth academy when you're at a club will you need to sign him if you get sacked from said club?
  4. I wonder if in fm20 you can personalise the panels during the match view unfortunately they aren't clicking into place for me in fm19
  5. Anyone ever tried to out-think a rival club's manager in the press conference before a derby game? I've just done one but it did back-fire on me 😕
  6. thoughts on this formation? I'm in my 4th season 3rd season with Forfar 1st season with Aberystwyth, maybe little too wide or maybe too narrow?. I've used it done fine the first season I took over Forfar got to the playoff lost to Brechin
  7. They probably have then ground share like AC Milan and Inter have or do you mean as well as generally?
  8. I hope I do I'm still in my second season with County languishing in my tears in the relegation zone
  9. My current LLM save with Stockport (as a fan of theirs since I was 13 for season tickets with my Man after I got hooked after she got free tickets when she teached sewing at her local school). I got promoted to the NFL in my first season via the playoffs, currently in the relegation zone
  10. Is it rare that a club like Stockport be taken over a by a tycoon or would it be a local businessman who wipes the debts away?. I've had one when I was in my journeyman save but never with county
  11. How did I manage to get that in the first place?
  12. As the title says I've got this pin, and arrow and the little door to hide it all. I've had this for a few days is there a way to get to the way it was or hide as I just want the league table and latest scores without the big bar thingy
  13. What would you consider the hardest league in England to go out of?. I would say the Vanarama North as I lost two playoffs and got promoted finally in the 6th season I did it by 9 points beating Kettering Town to the title
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