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  1. FMH on PC???

    You could try Bluestacks to play the Android version, not sure what the performance is like.
  2. dafuge's FM15 challenge

    Finding this really hard, finished 20th with Workington. Back to the tactics board
  3. I played a similar way minus the wing backs. Now switched to 4-2-2 (wingers) -2 and Lukaku has scored 3 goals in first 2 matches!
  4. Really struggling to get any striker to score goals. Just finished my 2nd season and my top scorer was Balanta and Mata on 13 each, my main striker was Lukaku, who managed an amazing 3 goals in 30 games. I have tried many formations all with 1 upfront but no matter what instructions I give, the big man never fires. Finished 3rd and Won the League Cup, really think I would have won more if I could just get my striker to score! Any suggestions for a 5* striker, currently looking at Balotelli. My 3rd season will be better as my young guns, Barkley, Shaw, Van Ginkle integrate with the squad. Just bought Matic had to be done, was a bit pricey at £25 million!
  5. FM14: S.S. Lazio

    I had a really bad start to the season and got sacked. Don't understand how I went from a 20 game unbeaten streak to being able to win a game.
  6. FM14: S.S. Lazio

    Finished 4th after a 20 game unbeaten streak, could't buy a win in the League in last 10 games, not sure what went wrong, nothing I did made a difference, still managed to get to the Uefa Cup final only to lose to Freiburg! Final from hell, 2 goals down after 10 mins and down to 10 men after 15! Won the Cup so fans were happy. Now have £20M and a £250,000 wage budget to blow! Champions League qualification has to happen in Season 2! Need 3 strikers as I currently have zero!
  7. FM14: S.S. Lazio

    Just started a game with Lazio. Managed to get De Bruyne on loan and Benayoun on a free. Struggling to keep the wage balance under control, tried to sell Klose as he is on 60k a week, no takers. Not left me with any option but keep the squad how it is. Trying 3-1-4-1-1, beat Juventus to win Super Cup first game!
  8. Nexus 7

    I play on a Nexus 7, the game is very fast. Only slight problem I have is the text looks a bit blocky, I guess this is to do with the 1080p screen.
  9. Anyone had problems with players not wanting to renew a contract because they think you cannot afford their wages and they then sign for another club on a lot less money. John Terry said that the club (Chelsea) couldn't afford his wages, I was able to offer about £150,000 but apparently this wasn't enough, his contract ran out and he was released. Just checked and he signed for Cardiff and on a massive contract of £14,000! I was playing the relegation savior challenge and had failed, but got promoted again. The contract expired having finished 2nd in the Premier League, I don't think the teams reputation was too bad a I managed to sign Neymar fine.
  10. I have managed to get Carlisle United to the Premier League playing 4-3-3 Direct Attacking. Took 2 seasons in League 1 and 3 in Championship, relied on signing out of contract players and loans. Just won the league Cup and finished 9th in my second Premier League season. Just signed Torres on a free, 32 but he still has it!
  11. Greatest Acheivements!

    I just got Carlisle to the Premier league and are currently 5th after 10 games. 2 seasons in league 1, 3 in Championship. Shame that when I get the Iphone 4 I am going to lose my game.