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  1. I would add one more thing related to: If you’re using masked attributes, scouting gives you those values plus the comments. If you could have both in the same screen and you’d be able to swipe from one scout result to the next, it would improve the experience massively. Check one scout report and attributes, swipe to next, check report + attributes, swipe to next…etc Currently each player scouter required you to either jump into the report and then to attributes, then come back out…
  2. A related topic my suggestion for a lighter theme is bigger fonts and in general, better use of screen space. I'm on the high end of the iPhones (Pro) and everything feels very small when reading. Aside from the theme, the font is too small IMO with no option to change that, and there are things in the screen that add no value. For example, picture of a player. The vast majority of players' pictures are missing, or are regens, so why do we really need it? It'd rather take that off and get the attributes to take more space, or even better, put attributes and scout reports into the same pag
  3. Scouting results navigation badly needs rework. I try to play FM Mobile realistically, meaning that I only rely on scout results. I don't search for players with values. But, going through the scout results is a pain. Moving from one result to the other requires several taps. In fact, when you sort them by say, age, those players that have the same value are ordered differently every time you go back to the list. E.g. a player A might appear first in age 16, but after going into the player and backing out, he's suddenly in 10th position. This lack of determinism is extremely frustrat
  4. Posted in another forum, but adding here for visibility. The current FM Mobile has the darkest theme of the past years and it feels tiring in the eye. Would it be possible to have a light theme as an alternative option? Latest iOS versions have the option to choose a system wide light/dark theme, it’d be great for FM Mobile to enable that, or simply use the system wide selection to choose which type of theme to present.
  5. The latest FM Mobile, compared to earlier versions, uses a very dark theme throughout. Would it be possible to have a light theme option for next version? The dark theme feels tiring after playing for a while :(
  6. Add ability to scout only players of a given nationality, eg Germany or Basque. The latter is mandatory for say Athletic Bilbao. Or, in the absence of that, enable scout reports to be filtered by a given nationality (either as primary or secondary)
  7. I also plan a long save with Athletic Club (the best!!), but probably in 1/2 FMM versions time
  8. Uploaded `d3rgal_contract_rejected_fm_save4.dat` file. The player name is Raffaello Minincleri, playing at Chelsea. If possible it'd be great to know of any workarounds ASAP.
  9. Hi, I'm trying to sign a particular player on bossman rules but he keeps rejecting the contract after agreeing to it. I go to the player, click on offer contract and after some negotiation he accepts. Then, a day or two later I keep getting a message that the player rejected my contract. Is this a known bug? I have a save for it. Any workarounds? Thanks
  10. Well I don’t right now... To make sure I get it right next time, when exactly do you need the save from? Before the bid is made of 1 or 0 gbp is done? Or after the bid is completed and before the transfer is confirmed? Or do you need both saves?
  11. Just uploaded one called "d3rgal_bids_dropped_to_1gbp_fm_save4.dat" that was taken right after I managed to buy a player for 0 GBP (it changed to 0 instead of 1 GBP that this time around)
  12. A couple of times I've seen (in the last couple of days) a situation where you make a bid for a player, say for 10m GBP and then suddenly they're just asking 1 GBP. Sounds like a bug?
  13. After loading the save, hit Continue and you'll see a message that says: > Padova hace accepted an offer from Liverpool for Fabio Silva Without you doing anything
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