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  1. To add anything under the height and weight you can modify "player attributes panel.xml" I put it like this, i know it's not the prettiest, but it's functional and what i wanted
  2. Hello everyone. I've been editing the skin to make things bigger since I have really bad eye-sight and the biggest font is not enough for me. I've done a decent job finding stuff on my own so far, but i can't find where to change the in match font. The one i'm looking for is the one that is over the head of a player showing his name when you select him. Thank you in advance for any responses Cheers
  3. I'm having the same issue. Almost every single young prospect is getting his determination lowered. It doesn't matter if they have 20 DET or 10 DET, it never goes up. I have fairly decent personalities in the team. I have 2 model citizens, a bunch of professionals and faily professionals... Pretty sure this is all because of the new mentoring system. Every now and then i get a message saying "overall mensality had a good impact on him" (don't remember the exact phrase) but when i enter the profile, either nothing has changed or determination has gone down
  4. It doesn't update players, it is as out of date as the vanila game as far as i've seen
  5. Same! I know there used to be a japanese pyramid last year, but i don't know if there were real players added. I'd love to manage in Japan, specially this year with Iniesta and Torres over there
  6. Oh, how unlucky. I mean, i'm good with the 50 limit on scouting at one time, but i'd love to be able to add all newgens to a shortlist. When you have 3k newgens is doable, but when you get to spain or something like that with 10k newgens it is just awful Thank you for the quick response
  7. Hey guys how y'all doing I was wondering if there is any way to move more than 500 players at a time to a shortlist. I'm asking this because i was watching some videos about newgens in fm18 and the guy was able to move way more than 500 at a time. Was it something they patched or am i missing something? Cheers
  8. Thats an interesting approach, never thought about that. I might use it to keep track of my coach staff development. Unfortunately, using an excell or html you can't get a reminder on your mail when the time comes which is the reason why i did it
  9. Hey guys what's up So I just added a bunch of notes to my calendar so i am reminded of youth intake each year. It did take a while to set up so i'm looking for a way to export and import them. I wouldn't want to do this everytime i start a game Do you guys know if there is a way? I looked around and found nothing, didnt even find any files on my computer. I was hoping it was like tactics and shorlists, but no luck for now Cheers
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