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  1. Few questions for ye lads firstly at what lowest level should I start if I’m looking to play in the Newcastle area I 100% have to end up in the Northern Leagues as I am creating my local clubs in Ireland in the Newcastle area with my club being the lowest I have to meet those clubs upon promotions to the National League North I’m thinking in level 15 in Newcastle but can I go lower thanks all.
  2. Can’t go wrong with Martell Daswell n Jordan Prescott mate
  3. Genius work dan seriously man don’t know what I’d do without your work I think I’ll start at level 12 anyway as any more could be too much for my HP again thanks dan
  4. Excellent dan thank you thinking of starting at level 13 based in Newcastle although the cups are not added for that level would the cups then kick in upon promotion to level 12 cheers lads
  5. Hi lads if I was to fire up a save tonight which file is the one to use that works 100% at this moment thanks
  6. You’re work is unreal dan thank you for all of this top man
  7. Sorry must av missed that hows it working without the league cups thank you
  8. Hi guys is level 16 up fully playable now including cups n everything how is it working thanks all
  9. Hi lads quick question for ye I’ve gotten promoted from level 12 to 11 and now to 10 and am loving my save all thanks to Dan and a few more who have given me solid advise in the past at what stage exactly should I clear level 12 from the database and how exactly do I go about doing it thanks all in advance.
  10. What tactics are ye using in level 12 n how are ye doing with them I’m thinking plenty of men behind the ball n lump it forward
  11. If I go with number 1 does my club have to be amateur or semi pro cheers mate your a great help
  12. Can I sign young players also if I add players to playable teams at the start do I get some youth players
  13. Hi guys I’ve seen on here that some of ye have done a youth challenge how do ye go about doing it and how did ye get on thanks
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