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  1. use ozil as trequastita, and he will provide you loads of goals. AMR not very affective for ozil but yea he will do the job there. Walcott - AMR for the 1st season is pretty amazing
  2. Iwobi is doing real good in my save. im using him as a cup player. and rotation on my squad. As you know, arsenal have a very injury proneness player Selling him on my 3rd season for 70M With Ramsey, same path, used him as a cup player. a decent lad, not gonna gain a highlight though. manage to sell him for 60M on my 3rd season. My opinion, i think you should offload those two on a high price. surely not 7M!! use them for a season and the price will rise. Replace Iwobi with; zivkovic/chiesa/gelson martins/rodrygo Replace Ramsey with; savic/arthur/wendel
  3. Im in my 3rd seasons: transfer recap from previous season: SEASON 1 In De ligt 18M Dolberg 28M Icardi 56M Nainggolan 41M Savic 37M Zivkovic 27.5M Sousa 8.25M Sarr 11M Out Alexis 69M Elneny 27M(30M) Coquelin 31M Giroud 29M Mustafi 44.5M(56M) Debuchy 7.5M SEASON 2 In Goretzka Free Tierney 25M Asensio 20.5M Lozano 17M De Vrij 22.5M Chiesa 34.5M Kovalenko 20M Kean 16.75M Davies 19M Radjkovic 10M Imanol 16M (regen) gaya 8.5M Malcom 57M bakayoko 12M Bautz 6.5M (regen) Zappacosta 8.75M Cancelo 21M Out Nainggolan 75M Kolasinac 53M(75M) Lucas 12M Wilshere 45M Welbeck 73M Ospina 10.75M Cazorla 10.75M(13.25M) Monreal 10.75M(13.25M) Jenkinson 6.5M Xhaka 51M Walcott 30M(42M) asano 9.75M Martinez 5.5M SEASON 3 In Arthur 17.75M Pellegri 37M Dybala 87M Rodrygo 8.75M Isco 68M Wendel 13.75M Pastore Free Mascherano Free Oblak 44M Gary Cahill Free Gelson Martins 35M Out Lacazette 100M Ozil 70M Iwobi 75M Ramsey 60M Koscielny 12.75M(14M) Zappacosta 18M Bakayoko 24M Pastore 29.5M(36.5M) Loan out: Holding Tom Davies Kovalenko Chiesa Lozano Reiss Nelson Rodrygo Dolberg Bielik Nwakali Player Bought: 36 861M Player Sold: 40 994M Formation 4-2-3-1 Attacing/Fluid GK Oblak DL Tierney FB CBL De Ligt BPD CBR De Vrij CD DR Bellerin FB MCR Arthur DLP MCL Savic BBM AML Zivkovic W AMC Isco AP AMR Gelson Martins W STC Icardi AF Formation 4-2-3-1 (2nd string) GK Rajkovic DL Gaya FB CBL Immanol BPD CBR Chambers CD DR Cancelo FB MCR Wendel DLP MCL Goretzka BBM AML Kean IF AMC Asensio AP AMR Malcom IF STC Dybala CF Utility players: Sarr, Cahill & Kean
  4. Hi guys, probably we are in the same page in many ways. Im a die hard fans of managing arsenal in football manager series. Ive been very lucky with my transfer. here are the summary of it: Season 1: In: Out: July July de ligt - 18M alexis – 69M city dolberg - 28M elneny – 27M (30M) psg Icardi - 56M coquelin – 31M monaco nainggolan - 41M giroud – 29M southampton savic - 37M (a must!) January January Zivkovic - 27.5M mustafi – 44.5M (56M) barcelona Sousa - 8.25M debuchy – 7.5M debuchy Sarr - 11M Total transfer: In 227M; Out 208M Very good season. winning premier league, and Savic and Icardi is a beast! is a must get! Season 2: Season 2, overhauling most of my whole squads. again, been very lucky with my transfer. but truth to be told, a hectic transfer window!! search for the best young prospect. thanks to fellows input. hehe alright cut the chase. In: Out: goretzka - free (contract expired) nainggolan – 75M city (turning 30yo) what a price! tierney - 25M kolasinac – 53M(75M) chelsea asensio - 20.5M (transfer listed) lucas – 12M OL lozano - 17M wilshere – 45M R madrid de vrij - 22.5M welbeck – 73M bayern chiesa - 34.5M Ospina – 10.75M Watford kovalenko - 20M cazorla – 10.75M(13.25M) dynamo kean - 16.75M monreal – 10.5M (13.25M) swansea davies - 19M (unsettled, being relegated) jenkinson – 6.5M derby rajkovic - 10M xhaka – 51M psg Imanol - 16M (regen) Walcott – 30M(42M) napoli gaya - 8.5M asano – 9.75M koln malcom - 57M bakayoko - 12M (transfer listed) Total transfer: In 279M; Out 387M At the moment im in my 2nd season, looking pretty good. Most of the boys are clicking Current formation 4-2-3-1 1st team: 2nd team cech rajkovic bellerin – de vrij – koscielny – Tierney chambers-de ligt-holding-gaya bakayoko – savic goretzka - ramsey chiesa – ozil – zivkovic Malcom – asensio - iwobi icardi lacazette/dolberg rotation depending on the competitions: standby players: tom davies, kovalenk & Lozano loaned out: nelson, kean, malang sarr. If I have to choose my top 5 players: it would be 1. Icardi 2. Savic 3. Zivkovic 4. Chiesa 5. Tierney/dolberg planning to keep our influential figures for commanding and stability purposes: cech, kos, ozil Well guys, hopefully this post will help our season going! Cheers!
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