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  1. This Russia squad needs to go to the TdF and bring down Froome.
  2. If you have someone as talented as Ronaldo then you have him stand around/making offensive runs between their centerback and rightback. Messi does it, Ronaldo (Brazil) did it. Neymar does it. It looks bad looking at it individually but it's 100% more efficient that having someone like Rooney/Tevez/Suarez/Firmino running around like crazy. You have your support players doing that, not your star players, because come the 90th minute you want them with enough energy to make the difference.
  3. If Ronaldo was wasting his time and energy doing that as a coach I'd be furious. That's why teams have specialists. By that measure neither, Messi, Maradona, Pele etc. are the GOAT.
  4. Yes, he needs something even grander.
  5. De Gea is surprisingly poor at stopping penalties considering how good he is at everything else.
  6. Does anyone know how you could go about making a midfield target man? Fellaini played that role and it was pretty crucial to solving the problem of getting the ball forwards quickly which blighted Van Gaal's time at the club. The team especially struggled when Chelsea man-marked Fellaini and forced us to play out normally. That's still a problem the current Man Utd team have, but they won't play Lindelof so it's a problem of their own making.
  7. Just dropping in to offer my 2 cents, had some issues with my account that I can't get fixed I really like the look of this one. One suggestion, you might want to remove 'moves into channels' for the cm and have an instruction for the WM to drift inside or sit narrower to create the overload in central midfield. At least when Giggs played there over Nani that is what happened.
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